Spline Sets

Spline Sets

Spline sets are a type of automotive tool used to remove and install splined components, such as CV axles and driveshafts. They consist of a set of sockets or wrenches with different sized splines that match the corresponding splines on the component being removed or installed.

Spline sets are available in both metric and SAE sizes, and can be either single-piece or multi-piece. Single-piece sets typically consist of a single socket or wrench with multiple spline sizes, while multi-piece sets include multiple sockets or wrenches with each one having a different spline size.

Spline sets are an essential tool for any automotive mechanic who works on vehicles with splined components. They are relatively inexpensive and can save a lot of time and frustration when it comes to removing and installing splined components.

Types of Spline Sets

  • Single-piece sets
  • Multi-piece sets

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