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Battery Diagnostics & Charging

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  • Battery Adapter Side Terminal
    Battery Adapter Side Terminal
    Manufacturers Part #: 6200
    Your Price: $8.18
    Professional quality, heavy-duty clamps for all booster cables. Replace Associated clamps or upgrade other manufacturers' products with these professional quality replacement clamps.Model 6200 fits Associated and most other insulated clamps for easier connections. Associated Equipment 6200 Battery Adapter Side Terminals ...
  • 6080 Battery Charger 6/12 Volt
    6080 Battery Charger 6/12 Volt
    Manufacturers Part #: 999320
    Your Price: $107.08Includes Free Shipping
    Clore Automotive 999320 Jump-N-Carry 6080 Battery Charger 6/12 Volt ...
  • Mobile Charger 12-24 Volt
    Mobile Charger 12-24 Volt
    Manufacturers Part #: 1815A
    Your Price: $44.15
    Mobile Charger 12-24 Volt  1815A Features Charges both Lincoln models 1401 (14.4-volt NiCad) and 1801 (18-volt NiCad) battery packs. Designed for use with 18- and 14.4-volt PowerLubers grease guns. 1-hour fast charger with automatic trickle charge maintenance mode. For use in vehicles and heavy equipment using 12- or 24-volt outlets. Lincoln Industrial 1815A  Mobile Charger 12-24 Volt   ...
  • 12/24 V Load Battery Tester
    12/24 V Load Battery Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 6024
    Your Price: $150.15Includes Free Shipping
     12/24 V Load Battery Tester  6024 Hand Held Load Testers Model 6024 12/24 V Load Tester Full 125 Amp load tests 12 Volt and 24 Volt batteries, alternators, and starters on all types of vehicles. Durable and build for safety. Patent Pending. MADE IN USA. MODEL NUMBER: 6024 LOAD: 125/125 A VOLTMETER: 0-32 VOLTS DC LEADS: 2' 14/2 CLAMPS: 300 A LIMITED WARRANTY: 1 YEAR SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 11"x6"x7" WEIGHT: 4 LBS. Associated Equi...
  • Solar 500 Watt Power Inverter
    Solar 500 Watt Power Inverter
    Manufacturers Part #: PI5000X
    Your Price: $70.20
    The 500W model adds the convenience of a USB port to power small electronics, a great feature for busy contractors needing to power their cell phones, PDAs or MP3 players. SOLAR Power Inverters, featuring SOLAR Sonic Compression Technology, deliver clean, reliable power from a 12 Volt power source to a wide variety of power equipment and appliances. SOLAR Sonic Compression Technology ensures stable power delivery throughout the operating range of...
  • Vehicle Surge Protector
    Vehicle Surge Protector
    Manufacturers Part #: DF-601A
    Perfect for prevention of over-voltage damage Acting like a sponge to soak up electrical surges, this unit protects sensitive electronic components when mig and spot welding on a vehicle. An Absolute must when jump starting. No need to disconnect the battery for protection. An LED indicates that the device is working and correctly connected. Lifetime warranty. How our Surge Protector Works. The DF-601 surge protector passes the electrical curren...
    Manufacturers Part #: 75860
    Your Price: $114.30Includes Free Shipping
    • There is a real need to cut costs wherever possible, yet we cannot afford to forget about environmental issues. Streamlight high power rechargeable LED flashlights make good economic environmental sense. Over time they cost significantly less to operate decreasing the amount of batteries used, relieving the problem of battery disposal. • C4® LED technology impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime. Deep-dish parabolic reflector produ...
    Manufacturers Part #: 3100
    Your Price: $161.11Includes Free Shipping
    Features and Benefits 6/12V, 15/2/100A Fully Automatic Bench Charger LED Display indicates charge current, % charged Microprocessor allows monitored charge rate Charges AGM/GEL/SLA and Deep Cycle Battery Types 100 Amp Engine Start Feature for 12V Application   ...
    Manufacturers Part #: BIC-CORD
    Your Price: $4.40
    The BIC-CORD is 5ft long un-wound, made in China,replacing wall charger for any MS4000 memory saving unit ...

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