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  • Stinger Spring Hook
    Stinger Spring Hook
    Manufacturers Part #: 4740
    Your Price: $10.36
    Made from heat treated alloy steel.Designed for removing and installing hard-to-reach headlight adjusting springs, exhaust and brake springs.6" reach.OTC Limited Two Year Warranty. OTC 4740 Stinger Series Spring Hook ...
  • Motorcycle Detailing Kit
    Motorcycle Detailing Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: CY61501
    This tool will help you buff hard-to-reach areas in seconds. Safely & easily. Perfect for polishing bike hardware including plastic tail lights; for removing bluing, road film & burn marks from pipes; removes oxidation and light scratches from plastic windscreens; easily fits in and around engine; perfect for mag or spoked wheels. The Flitz Buff Ball won't tear like foam. Fits any 3/8-inch drill or air tool. Buffs evenly-no low spots. Buffs at s...
  • .3772" Solid Carbide Reamer
    .3772" Solid Carbide Reamer
    Manufacturers Part #: 1154
    Your Price: $421.21Includes Free Shipping
    .3772” Solid Carbide Reamer 1154 These unique reamers feature a 2" long pilot for perfect alignment with the valve guide while reaming. With these reamers you can expect to ream a valve guide to exact dimensions without any taper in just a few seconds. JIMS® Manganese-Bronze valve guide reaming instructions A. Install the cylinder head in a vise. Protect the cylinder head with a clean towel or rag, as pictured. B. Insert the reamer pilo...
  • Rocker Bushing & Rocker Bearing Puller
    Rocker Bushing & Rocker Bearing Puller
    Manufacturers Part #: 95760-57
    Your Price: $142.53Includes Free Shipping
    Rocker Bushing & Rocker Bearing Puller 95760-57 Use on all Big Twin 1966-present, and Twin Cam®. (Note: Includes all aftermarket rocker arms.) Use on Sportster® 1957-present. Use on Buell® 1987-present. Use to remove rocker bushing or bearing in one easy operation Jims USA JIM 95760-57 Rocker Bushing & Rocker Bearing Puller ...
  • Balance Shaft Retention Pins
    Balance Shaft Retention Pins
    Manufacturers Part #: 1163
    Your Price: $18.89
    Secures the engine balancers on Twin Cam 88B engines when servicing the flywheel assembly Locks into the balancers sprocket pin holes to prevent the balancer from turning out of sync with the flywheel  JIMS USA 1163 Balance Shaft Retention Pins JIM1163...
  • Big Twin Case Lap Tool
    Big Twin Case Lap Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 96710-TL
    Your Price: $709.43Includes Free Shipping
    Guided on both sides of the pinion bearing race Additional support on the cam gear side of the bearing race is achieved by means of a bolt on base plate that precisely locates a drill bushing in which the lap turns Base plate is located on the same engine case pins as the cam cover. The positioning of this drill bushing is held within .0002 to the engine case pins and within .0002 of case centerline  JIMS USA 96710-TL Big Twin Case Lap To...
  • Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer for Motorcycles 8 Oz
    Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer for Motorcycles 8 Oz
    Manufacturers Part #: 22208
    Your Price: $7.49
    Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness Brightens paint, chrome, and plastics Safe for show chrome and Lexan Hides swirls, will not scratch* or streak* even in direct sun Anti-static, perfect for spot cleaning to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more Contains no wax, solvents or silicone Enhances gloss and protection between Supreme Seal(TM) applications Shines motorcycles, cars, boats, even mirrors at home * Use with Wizards(R) Multi-Fi...
  • Flywheel Truing Tool
    Flywheel Truing Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1417
    Your Price: $386.93Includes Free Shipping
    Flywheel Truing Tool 1417 Use on all tapered shaft flywheel assemblies Use the tool to fine tune flywheel assemblies when truing. This tool features both a flywheel expander, and contractor in one easy to use package. Made in America. JIMS USA JIM 1417 Flywheen Truing Tool ...
  • H-D Crusie Drive 6-Spd Trans Mainshaft Pulley Locknut Socket Too
    H-D Crusie Drive 6-Spd Trans Mainshaft Pulley Locknut Socket Too
    Manufacturers Part #: 989
    Your Price: $139.66Includes Free Shipping
    H-D Crusie Drive 6-Spd Trans Mainshaft Pulley Locknut Socket Tool 989 Use on all 2006-present Dyna™ and 2007 FLHT & FXST. Use to remove the larger 2-1/4” hex nut from the end of main drive gear, which secures the rear drive trans pulley. Very safe and easy to use, as the earlier JIMS® Tool No.94660-37A. Just thread on the inner support collar to end of mainshaft, place the socket over the collar with your favorite 1/2” d...