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  • IgnitionMate Duo Ignition Tester
    IgnitionMate Duo Ignition Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: TS-93
    The IgnitionMate Duo is an easily portable tool for engine tuning specialists. Displays coil peak voltage pulse intensities on two cylinders simultaneously, captured at 1 uS intervals.Compares primary ignition circuit voltages or spark intensities on two cylinders simultaneously.Powered by rechargeable internal NiMH batteries.Highly precise & sensitive.Robust and weather-resistant.The controls on the lower panel are as follows: Upper left yellow...
  • Chain Press Tool Complete
    Chain Press Tool Complete
    Manufacturers Part #: 6043
    Your Price: $30.04
    Chain Press Tool Complete 6043 Item: Dimensions: Weight: Filmtech Chain Press Tool Cpmplete - 6043 Unavailable 0.01 lbs FilmTech 6043 Chain Press Tool Complete  ...
  • Big Twin Cam Bearing Remover
    Big Twin Cam Bearing Remover
    Manufacturers Part #: 95760-TB
    Your Price: $141.34Includes Free Shipping
    Big Twin Cam Bearing Remover 95760-TB Use on all Big Twin 1958-present single cam only. (Note: Includes aftermarket motors.) Use to remove inner cam bearing without splitting cases. Easily pulls bearing from case, also keeps rollers from coming out during removal. Jims USA JIM 95760-TB Big Twin Cam Bearing Remover ...
  • Stud Installer Tool
    Stud Installer Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1050
    Your Price: $36.11
    JIMS USA 1050 Stud Installer Tool JIM1050...
  • 35mm Hex Top Fork Nut Socket 3/8" Drive
    35mm Hex Top Fork Nut Socket 3/8" Drive
    Manufacturers Part #: 2244
    Your Price: $64.61
    35mm Hex Top Fork Nut Socket 3/8" Drive 2244 Use on all Sportsters® & Big Twins. Use to remove or install top fork nut on glide forks. Has rubber protector on inside to prevent damage to chrome nut (Will clear most bars). Instruction Sheet No.2244-IS. JIMS USA JIM  2244 35mm Hex Top Fork Nut Socket 3/8" Drive ...
  • Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer
    Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer
    Manufacturers Part #: 5673
    Your Price: $83.78
    Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer 5673 Product Description This tool was designed to install the Timken® bearings onto the crankshaft and into the crankcase. Has a black oxided finish and is Made in USA. Carries a 2 year manufacturers defect warranty. 1955 – Present Big Twins, Twin Cam 88, and S&S FilmTech 5673 Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer  ...
  • Evolutions Valve Guide Seal Tool
    Evolutions Valve Guide Seal Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 34731-84
    Your Price: $31.46
    Installs shoulderless valve guides to the proper depth, with handle Designed for stock style guides with a O.D. of about .560in. If installing a shouldered guide, use either Use on all Big Twin motors, Twin Cam 88 Includes all aftermarket heads  JIMS USA 34731-84 Evolutions Valve Guide Seal Tool JIM34731-84...
  • H-D Crusie Drive 6-Speed Transmission Door Removal Tool
    H-D Crusie Drive 6-Speed Transmission Door Removal Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 984
    Your Price: $123.43Includes Free Shipping
    H-D Crusie Drive 6-Speed Transmission Door Removal Tool 984 Use on all 2006-present Dyna™ and 2007 FLHT & FXST. Use this tool to remove (pull) the complete door with gears and shafts from the transmission. No longer will you need to remove the trap door by prying or hitting with a hammer. Just prepare the trans for disassembly, bolt this tool to the outside of door, and place the two supplied press pins into the two screw holes of trans...
  • Rod Holder Tool
    Rod Holder Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1284
    Your Price: $122.82Includes Free Shipping
    Rod Holder Tool 1284 Use on all Twins and Buell®Blast. Includes Twin Cam® ‘A’ and ‘B’. Use to keep connecting rods in place and eliminate twisting or bending of the connecting rod while reaming or honing the wrist pin bushings. Works well with JIMS ® No.1051, 95970-32C wrist pin bushing tools, and JIMS® No.1726-1, 1726-2, 1726-3 wrist pin bushing reamers. JIMS USA Jims 1284 Rod Holder Tool ...