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  • Compression Release Valve Tool
    Compression Release Valve Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1169
    Your Price: $316.88Includes Free Shipping
    Compression Release Valve Tool 1169 Use on all Twin Cam® “A” or “B” models Use this tool for machining all Twin Cam® heads 1999 and later, for preparing heads to install JIMS® No.727K compression release valves. Install on the front or rear head, with or without the valves installed. Simply drill, spot face, tap and install compression release valves No.727K. JIMS USA JIM 1169 Compression Release Valv...
  • Fork Stem Bearing Remover
    Fork Stem Bearing Remover
    Manufacturers Part #: 1414
    Your Price: $126.00Includes Free Shipping
    Fork Stem Bearing Remover 1414 Use on all lower fork stems that use a H-D® No.48300-60 style bearing. Order JIMS® Hard End Cap, No.1048 when using on early XL 1978-81. Use this tool to remove the lower fork stem (Triple Clamp) tapered bearing. JIMS USA Jims 1414 Fork Stem Bearing Remover ...
  • Wheel Truning & Balance Stand
    Wheel Truning & Balance Stand
    Manufacturers Part #: 1069
    Your Price: $687.93Includes Free Shipping
    Wheel Truning & Balance Stand 1069 True on centers or on “V” slot. Balance on ball bearings. Made by Rowe®. This is the tool used in all the Harley- Davidson® Service Schools. Includes everything shown. Jims USA Jim  1069 Wheel Truning & Balance Stand ...
  • Flywheel Truing Tool
    Flywheel Truing Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1417
    Your Price: $371.78Includes Free Shipping
    Flywheel Truing Tool 1417 Use on all tapered shaft flywheel assemblies Use the tool to fine tune flywheel assemblies when truing. This tool features both a flywheel expander, and contractor in one easy to use package. Made in America. JIMS USA JIM 1417 Flywheen Truing Tool ...
  • .3410" Solid Carbide Reamer
    .3410" Solid Carbide Reamer
    Manufacturers Part #: 1153
    Your Price: $375.53Includes Free Shipping
    .3410” Solid Carbide Reamer 1153 These unique reamers feature a 2" long pilot for perfect alignment with the valve guide while reaming. With these reamers you can expect to ream a valve guide to exact dimensions without any taper in just a few seconds. JIMS® Manganese-Bronze valve guide reaming instructions A. Install the cylinder head in a vise. Protect the cylinder head with a clean towel or rag, as pictured. B. Insert the reamer pilo...
  • TecMate TS-401 6 Ft Santoprene Fuel & Oil Resistant Hose
    TecMate TS-401 6 Ft Santoprene Fuel & Oil Resistant Hose
    Manufacturers Part #: TS-401
    Your Price: $13.65
    TecMate TS-401 Santoprene Fuel & Oil Resistant Hose 6 Foot / 2 Meter LengthFits on VacuumMate, SynchroMate, CarbMate ...
  • TecMate SynchroMate Carburetor Calibration Tools
    TecMate SynchroMate Carburetor Calibration Tools
    Manufacturers Part #: TS101
    TecMate specializes in developing and manufacturing electronic products for power sports vehicles, period. TecMate calibration tools will help keep your engine running smooth and producing the power you expect. Balance is the key and keeping all your cylinders working together is easy with TecMate carburetor calibration tools like SynchroMate. These solid state electronic synchronizers are rugged and precise. SynchroMate displays the difference i...
  • Lower Rocker Box Wrench 7/16? for Evolution KAS6531
    Lower Rocker Box Wrench 7/16? for Evolution KAS6531
    Manufacturers Part #: 6531
    Your Price: $17.74
    This extra long reversible ratcheting box wrench is used to install/remove the lower rocker box on Harley-Davidson(R) motorcycles with Evolution(R) engines (1994-1999). Features: A special 7/16" socket protrudes out of the wrench to reach the application.Vinyl grip provides a comfortable ergonomic grip and prevents the wrench from scratching or marring the bike. Kastar 6531 Lower Rocker Box Wrench 7/16? for Evolution(R) ...
  • Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter
    Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter
    Manufacturers Part #: 922
    Your Price: $93.77
    Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter 922 Note: Wrench not included. Adjustable torque wrench adapter Torque any fastener with a combination wrench or Allen wrench. This will work with 6mm (1/4") through 19mm (3/4") combination wrenches. Works with 6mm through 8mm Allen wrenches. This tool is heat-treated steel with black oxide finish. 3/8" square drive is rated for a maximum torque of 90 ft-lbs. Comes with instructions that include a conversion table...

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