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  • Metric Motorcycle Thread Repair Kit
    Metric Motorcycle Thread Repair Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 4650
    Your Price: $117.45
    M6x1, M8x1.25 and M10x1.25 (2 lengths) Includes: 6mm x 1", 8mm x 1.25", 10mm x 1.25" Heli Coil 4650 Motorcycle Thread Repair Kit ...
  • Clutch Spring Tool
    Clutch Spring Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 34761-84
    Your Price: $57.37
    Clutch Spring Tool 34761-84 Use on all Sportster®, Mid 1984-90. Use on all Buell ® 1987-90. Use to release the clutch spring tension for disassembly. Instruction sheet No.34761-IS. JIMS USA JIM  34761-84 Clutch Spring Tool ...
  • Tire Rotator Tool
    Tire Rotator Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 936
    Your Price: $185.64
    Tire Rotator Tool 936 Use on all Big Twins, Sportsters, and Buells. Use to rotate the front or rear tire. Have you ever wished you had a third hand? Well now you do. Think about the possibilities of being able to put your motorcycle in high gear and turn the rear wheel with one hand and having the internal engine parts rotate. Check tappet adjustments, check cam timing, ignition timing, check primary chain adjustments, rear belt or chain adjustme...
  • .3120" Solid Carbide Reamer*
    .3120" Solid Carbide Reamer*
    Manufacturers Part #: 1152
    Your Price: $406.64
     .3120” Solid Carbide Reamer 1152 These unique reamers feature a 2" long pilot for perfect alignment with the valve guide while reaming. With these reamers you can expect to ream a valve guide to exact dimensions without any taper in just a few seconds. JIMS® Manganese-Bronze valve guide reaming instructions A. Install the cylinder head in a vise. Protect the cylinder head with a clean towel or rag, as pictured. B. Insert the reame...
  • Big Twin Pinion Gear Locker Tool
    Big Twin Pinion Gear Locker Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 2237
    Your Price: $115.81
    Big Twin Pinion Gear Locker Tool 2237 Use on Big Twin 1954-present single cam only. (Note: Includes aftermarket motors.) Use to lock pinion gear, necessary to torque the pinion nut. Tool is simple to use, just align underneath gear and screw into case. Use JIMS® tool No.94555- 55A to tighten pinion nut. Instruction sheet No.2237-IS. JIMS USA JIM 2237 Big Twin Pinion Gear Locker Tool ...
  • Hose Adaptor Kit - 1/4" - 5/16"
    Hose Adaptor Kit - 1/4" - 5/16"
    Manufacturers Part #: 1087-2
    Your Price: $31.62
    Hose bared end is .3125 (5/16), threaded end is 12mm Can be used with either a .250 or .3125 hose May also work to make up your own air tester kit or for filling tires on the road, by threading into spark plug hole and at the other end of the hose is an air chuck fitting  JIMS USA 1087-2 Hose Adaptor Kit - 1/4" - 5/16" JIM1087-2...
  • Breather Reamer Tool
    Breather Reamer Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1706
    Your Price: $653.78
    Repair a damage d breather hole with JIMS ® new Breather Reamer Tool . No need to disassemble the ca ses , using JIMS ® new rea mer tool will repair a damage d breather hole to use a .030” oversize breather gear (see breather gear section) . Repai r a bad breather hole in less than an hours ti me. No t e: all holes in breather bore will ne ed to be c leared of all chips . No. 170 6 - Use on Big Tw in 1 9 36 -p resen t. IMPORTA N...
  • Battery Clamp Replacement Kit for XP1
    Battery Clamp Replacement Kit for XP1
    Manufacturers Part #: AG-MSA-11SC
    Your Price: $17.51
    Replacement cable set for mini XP-1 pocket battery booster Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-11SC Battery Clamp Replacement Kit for XP1 ...
  • Motorcycle Cooling System Test Kit
    Motorcycle Cooling System Test Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: MV4510
    Your Price: $48.13
    This cooling system pressure test kit is specially designed for testing motorcycles and other recreational, sports, and utility vehicles with liquid cooled engines. It makes cooling system testing simple, efficient and economical and can quickly pinpoint the cause of cooling system related problems including external and internal leaks or defective caps. Economical, accurate and simple method to find common causes of overheatingPinpoints external...