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  • Bearing Insert Kit
    Bearing Insert Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 956
    Your Price: $131.70Includes Free Shipping
    Bearing Insert Kit 956 Must be used with JIMS® tool No.959 on 2003 to present Twin Cam® motors. JIMS USA Jims 956 Bearing Insert Kit ...
  • Harley-Davidson Oil Funnel
    Harley-Davidson Oil Funnel
    Manufacturers Part #: OFHD35
    Harley-Davidson Oil Funnel   OFHD35 Made in the U.S.A. Made of Durable ABS Plastic No More Mess Threads and Seals Just like the Factory Cap Fits All 2007–2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna & Touring Models Assenmacher AST OFHD35 Harley-Davidson Oil Funnel    ...
  • Rod Race Tool
    Rod Race Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1003
    Your Price: $178.28Includes Free Shipping
    Supports both sides of rod as races are removed or replaced, minimizing the possibility of distortion to female rod or race.Use on all Twins that have replaceable races. (Note: Includes Aftermarket and S&S(R) motors.) Includes: No. 1 1003-0 Tool Base and Stud PilotNo. 2 1003-6 Rod Race Tool Push PlugNo. 3 1003-2 2-1/4" SleeveNo. 4 1003-4 Rod Race Tool Collar 1.80" 74 & 80No. 5 1003-5 Rod Race Tool Collar 1.990" 74 & 80No. 6 1003-8 Rod Race Tool C...
  • VMSFIXADP5 Brass Adapter Kit - 5mm
    VMSFIXADP5 Brass Adapter Kit - 5mm
    Manufacturers Part #: TS-203
    Your Price: $4.92
    Brass M5 threaded adapter for VacuumMate.Includes fibre washer & neoprene sealing cap.Ideal for 2 stroke carburetor engines (i.e. snowmobiles etc.) that are not fitted with manifold connection points. TecMate TS-203 VMSFIXADP5 V acuum M ate S hort FIX ed AD a P ter 5 mm...
  • Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool
    Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 6015
    Your Price: $19.14
    Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool  6015 110° angled head for hard-to-reach pilot screws extends reach 1" Fits most applications 17" length Straight-slot blade tip FilmTech  6015 Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool  ...
  • No Longer Available Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger
    No Longer Available Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger
    Manufacturers Part #: TM-241
    Diagnostic desulfating charger and tester for 12V lead acid batteries. Replaces TM-141DP In a slick weatherproof enclosure with built-in wall mounts, improved energy efficiency and cables good down to -40 degrees, the OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM is ideally suited to all powersport vehicles especially those used on water and in the cold. Tested, proven and endorsed by numerous power sport vehicle OE's and users world-wide. Program 1 (default setting o...
  • Battery Tester for Motorcycles & PowerSport Batteries
    Battery Tester for Motorcycles & PowerSport Batteries
    Manufacturers Part #: PBT-50
    Your Price: $170.75Includes Free Shipping
    Using Midtronics PBT-50 Battery Conductance Tester for Motorcycle and Recreation batteries, recreation vehicle technicians and owners now have a version of the same tester required for use in OEM dealer service organizations around the world. The PBT-50 works for all motorcycle and recreation batteries using a simple reference number for each manufacturer and model. Connect the clamps to the battery, input the battery reference number based on t...
  • TecMate TS-206 Extended M6 Threaded Adapter Kit
    TecMate TS-206 Extended M6 Threaded Adapter Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: TS-206
    Your Price: $7.95
    TecMate TS-206 Extended M6 Threaded Adapter Kit Ideal for mounting on sports bikes / vehicles where access to carburetor or fuel injection synchronizing input requires disassembly of various side panels, air-filter & the fuel tank.Includes 1-1/2 ft / 0.5m fuel & oil resistant hose & sealing cap. ...
  • Jims Cruise Drive Main Case Seal Installer - 786
    Jims Cruise Drive Main Case Seal Installer - 786
    Manufacturers Part #: 786
    Your Price: $125.36Includes Free Shipping
    Jims Cruise Drive Main Case Seal Installer The 6-speed transmission is a very stout piece ofengineering, incorporating some of the best bearings made.These main case bearings are of such high precision that youmust be very gentle when working in or around them JIMS has developed a driver style seal installer (not a pushingor pulling type, which could damage these bearings) Installs the main seal to the correct depth, without applying anystr...

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