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  • Cycle Buddy GorillaGrip Motorcycle Fold-Up 6 Pc
    Cycle Buddy GorillaGrip Motorcycle Fold-Up 6 Pc
    Manufacturers Part #: 12594
    Your Price: $11.74
    Metric Hex 3. 4. 5. 6. 8mm; Phillips PH2 Foldups provide the same basic functionality as hex keys, but eliminate the inconvenience of a collection of loose blades, and provide a number of additional convenient features. Foldup Considerations: The greatest advantage of a foldup is the convenience of a range of blade sizes in one package. It's also easily and conveniently carried in a pocket. With a blade in the 180 degree position, a foldup can b...
  • Tappet Tool Set
    Tappet Tool Set
    Manufacturers Part #: 6012
    Your Price: $39.16
    Tappet Tool Set 6012 Heat treated and chrome plated for durability Set includes three wrenches, 8, 9 & 10mm and three adjusters: screw type and 3 & 4 mm square-type Interchange adjusters and wrenches for nine different combinations Fits most motorcycles and ATVs with screw-type tappet adjusters FilmTech 6012 Tappet Tool Set  ...
  • Twin Cam Tool Board Kit
    Twin Cam Tool Board Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 1293K
    Your Price: $1,177.12Includes Free Shipping
    Twin Cam Tool Board Kit 1293K No.1293 Twin Cam® Tool Board No.1275 Crankshaft Bearing Tool “Alpha”, Use On 99-02 Alpha No.1280 Cam Bearing Puller, Use On 99-Early 00, For Removel, Use On Late 00-06, FXST, FL & Late 00-05 FXD For Removal Of Front Cam Bearing No.1051 Connecting Rod Bushing Tool, Use On 99-06 FL, 99-05 FXD, & 00-06 FXST No.1276 Wrist Pin Remover, Use On 99-06 FL, 99-05 FXD, & 00-06 FXST No.1283 Cam Chain ...
  • Twin Case Boring Tool
    Twin Case Boring Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 1408
    Your Price: $1,331.13Includes Free Shipping
    Twin Case Boring Tool 1408 Why pay a machine shop to bore your Twin Cam® cases? Use this tool in your own shop and save time and money. This easy to use tool will pay for itself the first time you use it. Designed to be used on a heavy-duty 15” drill press. Bore these new cases with ease (with stock cylinder bolt pattern). Bore cases from a 4” bore to a 4-1/8” bore and build yourself (depending on stroke and bore size) a 100...