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  • AccuTorq
    AccuTorq Users Chart - Color Coded
    AccuTorq Users Chart - Color Coded
    Manufacturers Part #: 10-0103
    Your Price: $1.79
    Includes list of AccuTorq products, as well as a long list of vehicles with lug nut size, torque and which AccuTorq should be used on that vehicle.Part number is generic, most recent chart available will be sent.PDF version of this chart is available by clicking the link below. AccuTorq Color Coded Users Chart 10-0103 ...
  • OTC Tools and Equipment
    Stinger Universal Pulley Holder
    Stinger Universal Pulley Holder
    Manufacturers Part #: 4754
    Your Price: $64.26
    Stinger Universal Pulley Holder Universal design fits many different size pulleys having slots or holes, such as camshaft pulleys or crankshaft pulleys.Wrench is adjustable from 1-1/2 In to 8-5/8 In.Four different size step pins are interchangeable.Long handle enables technician to easily hold the pulley when tightening or loosening retaining bolts....
  • Martin Tools
    The Key To Metal Bumping
    The Key To Metal Bumping
    Manufacturers Part #: BFB
    Your Price: $13.89
    This book is an excellent instruction manual and guide for every body man or student. It provides authoritative reference for techniques and methods for all phases of body and fender work. Its 126 pages cover most approaches to body repair problems. Visual assistance is rendered by more than 100 illustrations. It includes explanations of many time-saving short-cut methods to make the job easier and better. Among other features is a glossary of te...
  • OTC Tools and Equipment
    Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves - Large
    Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves - Large
    Manufacturers Part #: 3991-12
    Your Price: $131.60Includes Free Shipping
    Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves are the most important articles of personal protective equipment when working on high voltage vehicles. They are the first line of defense for contact with any energized components.Large Glove with Leather outer protector set. WARNING: Safety Gloves must be inspected prior to each use in accordance with ASTM Standard F1236 and the applicable Service manual for the vehicle being serviced. Rubber insulating gloves mus...
  • Snyder Manufacturing
    Quick Disconnect Tool for Jiffy-Tite Fittings 3/4 Inch Chevy Vol
    Quick Disconnect Tool for Jiffy-Tite Fittings 3/4 Inch Chevy Vol
    Manufacturers Part #: JT3/4DT
    Your Price: $37.85
    Applications include the new Chevy Volt electric + gas hybrid vehicle Tool enables much quicker disconnect of tube from fitting.No damage to the fitting or the spring clip during disconnect process (no need to replace the spring clip or the fitting).System integrity remains intact.Spring clips stay in place at all times, no lost or misplaced spring clips as well as no down time to get a replacement spring clip.Because spring clip stays on fittin...
  • GearWrench
    Insulated Screwdriver Set 7 Pc
    Insulated Screwdriver Set 7 Pc
    Manufacturers Part #: 80063
    Your Price: $51.94
    Image representative only For 1kV A.C. and 1.5kV D.C. live circuits.Insulated screwdrivers are 1000V certified to IEC 60900.Screwdrivers feature a dual material handle for comfort and performance.Screwdrivers feature a black oxide finished tip.Includes zipper pouch for ease of storage and carrying. Includes: 80047 3/32" (2.5 mm) x 3" Slotted - Insulated80048 5/32" (4.0 mm) x 4" Slotted - Insulated80049 7/32" (5.5 mm) x 5" Slotted - Insulated8008...
  • Chiltons
    ASE Test Preparation - A6 Electrical/Electronics Systems
    ASE Test Preparation - A6 Electrical/Electronics Systems
    Manufacturers Part #: 1418038830
    Your Price: $20.55
    Technicians seeking certification in any one of the automotive ASE exam areas will benefit from the valuable preparation offered by this newly revised package of test preparation booklets. Each title in this popular series features the most up-to-date ASE task list available, along with practice test questions like those typically seen on an ASE certification exam to help users feel more comfortable and prepared to pass the actual test. Comprehen...
  • Fluke
    Insulation Resistance Tester for Hybrid
    Insulation Resistance Tester for Hybrid
    Manufacturers Part #: 1507
    Your Price: $644.30Includes Free Shipping
    Fluke 1507 is compact, rugged, reliable and easy to use. With its multiple test voltage it is ideal for many troubleshooting, commissioning and preventative maintenance applications. Additional features, like the remote probe on this tool saves both time and money when performing tests. Live circuit detection prevents insulation test if voltage > 30 V is detected for added user protection. Auto-discharge of capacitive voltage for added user pr...
  • Chiltons
    GM Diagnostic Manual - 2006
    GM Diagnostic Manual - 2006
    Manufacturers Part #: 132120
    Your Price: $76.75
    For all General Motors Vehicles 1995-2005, the Chilton 2006 General Motors Diagnostic Service Manual provides technicians with the critical diagnostic information they need to accurately identify and solve engine performance problems. Clear explanations, specifications and illustrations help technicians diagnose second generation on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) systems. Chilton Diagnostic Service Manuals, when used with an engine analyzer, scan tool...

Recently Added Products In Automotive Specialty Tools

  • SRS and ABS Wiring Diagrams USB
    SRS and ABS Wiring Diagrams USB
    Manufacturers Part #: 10-USB660
    Your Price: $198.40Includes Free Shipping
    Autodata's user friendly Model Identification Table makes it a snap to find the correct wiring diagram for each vehicle. Color Wiring Diagrams with component locations Covers Domestic and Import Vehicles from 1994-2009 Sourced from OEM information Flash drive format makes for easy installation and use Limited supply; please email for availability. Autodata 10-USB660 SRS and ABS Wiring Diagrams USB ...
  • MB 221 Rear subframe bushing kit
    MB 221 Rear subframe bushing kit
    Manufacturers Part #: B221-0043
    Your Price: $396.90Includes Free Shipping
    For removal and installation of the rear subframe bushing while leaving the subframe in the car ...
  • Injector / Chamber Tool Set for BMW
    Injector / Chamber Tool Set for BMW
    Manufacturers Part #: BMW9054
    Set used to install new seals onto the injectors. Applicable: BMW(R) N14, N18, N54 & N63 engines. Injector / Chamber Tool SetApplicable to Various BMW(R) ModelsFor N14, N18, N54 and N63 Engines Supersedes part number 130190. Pliers not included. This item may not be in stock; please email for lead time. Assenmacher Specialty Tools AST BMW 9054 Injector / Chamber Tool Set for BMW Fuel Injector Seal Set for BMW ...
  • Metal Brake w/Stand
    Metal Brake w/Stand
    Manufacturers Part #: BK36
    Your Price: $494.76Includes Free Shipping
    Bend a one of a kind part or make duplicate parts in your shop with the Black Bull 36 Inch Metal Brake With Stand. A must have tool for metalworking in the home workshop, farm or professional fabrications shop. It features a bending angle range of 0 to 120 degrees. Use the detachable floor stand or bolt to a workbench. The Metal Brake can bend mild steel as thick as 12 gauge or stainless steel as thick as 16 gauge up to 36 inches wide. Perfect f...
  • Ford 7.3 L Fuel Cap Tool
    Ford 7.3 L Fuel Cap Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 3526
    Your Price: $16.32
    Ford 7.3 L Fuel Cap Tool Design allows for easy removal and installation of Ford 73L diesel fuel caps. ...
  • Universal Fuel System Kit
    Universal Fuel System Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 8911
    Your Price: $41.91
    Universal Fuel System Kit Restores power, performance and fuel economy. Decreases carbon deposits, eliminating engine knocks. Cleans fuel injectors, valves and combustion chambers. Decreases exhaust emissions. Includes the Universal Fuel System Cleaner (PN 08955), Fuel System Cleaner/Tank Additive (PN 08813) and Throttle Plate and Intake Cleaner (PN 08866). ...
  • z-nla Dual Piston Brake Press
    z-nla Dual Piston Brake Press
    Manufacturers Part #: 770
    Dual Piston Brake Press Presses in dual brake pistons. Also works on single pistons. Universal application on cars, light and heavy trucks. Single piece operation eliminates nuts and bolts to assemble and disassemble on brake assemblies. Click below for related products. ...
  • MT6 Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer w/ Laser Sighting -20 to 9
    MT6 Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer w/ Laser Sighting -20 to 9
    Manufacturers Part #: MT6
    Your Price: $114.74Includes Free Shipping
    Portable IR thermometers have become indispensable tools for automotive troubleshooting and diagnostics. Quick non-contact temperature measurements make it easy to spot cooling system faults, identify engine misfires, check for proper A/C performance, verify catalytic converter operation and much more.  The laser point sighting on the MT6 unit helps to direct measurements toward the target, and the large backlit display shows both the curren...
  • 90-degree Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
    90-degree Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: KTI-75311
    Your Price: $9.34
    Features and Benefits: Designed to remove stubborn fuel lines from high-tech cars and trucks Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum Very light, yet very strong Low-profile design provides access to the tightest spaces Opening at widest point is 3/4" narrowing to 1/8" 90-degree fuel line disconnect tool is designed to remove stubborn fuel lines from high-tech cars and trucks. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability, yet ma...