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  • 13 Piece Alternator Pulley Service Kit
    13 Piece Alternator Pulley Service Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 753
    Your Price: $45.91
    Features and Benefits: This kit is used to service vehicles with OWC and OAD alternator pulleys Covers most European and US makes Works on and off of the car Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercury, Mercedes, Pontiac, Porsche, Saturn, Scion, Toyota, VW Comes in a heavy duty blow molded case   ...
  • 22 Pc. Alternator Service Kit
    22 Pc. Alternator Service Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 8083
    Your Price: $108.79Includes Free Shipping
    Complete set of tools to remove and install press-on-type belt-drive Bosch and Denso Alternator Pulleys. Applications include VW, Audi, Seat, Mercedes, Renault, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Toyota, Porsche, etc. Components include Torx ®, Triple-Square and Hex socket bits in standard and short lengths, an assortment of splined and hex reaction nuts and adapters and a 1/2 square drive bit adapter. All packed in blowmold case. ...
  • 5-Piece Alternator Service Bit
    5-Piece Alternator Service Bit
    Manufacturers Part #: 756
    Your Price: $18.64
    Five Piece Kit for Removing and Installing Many Alternator Decoupler Pulleys on Popular Vehicles in North America. To remove these pulleys the shaft coming from alternator needs to be locked in place while the pulley is spun either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on the manufacturer. The opposite would be used in installation....
  • Alternator, Generator and Starter Tester
    Alternator, Generator and Starter Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 8650
    Your Price: $6,187.96
    Designed for the fleet operator, parts jobber or industrial dealer who requires a tester capable of testing alternators and batteries for full output.Powerful single speed 5HP 220 volt single phase drive motor.Heavy-duty carbon pile for completely adjustable load from 0-500 amps....
  • Alternator-Generator Starter Current Indicator
    Alternator-Generator Starter Current Indicator
    Manufacturers Part #: 24600
    Your Price: $15.43
    Measure CHARGING RATE and STARTER CURRENT on one indicator. No need to purchase two separate tools. Induction type meter. Needs no hook wires or cable. Hold meter over cable and read. Calibrated: 75-0-75 amps alternator-regulator; 600-0-600 amps starter. S and G Tool Aid 24600 Alternator-Generator Starter Current Indicator ...
  • Bosch Alernator Wrench
    Bosch Alernator Wrench
    Manufacturers Part #: 8088
    Your Price: $11.53
    Two part splined wrench is required for removal and replacement of free-wheel drive pulleys found on Bosch Alternators 10mm x 12 point end locks alternator while 33-spline cylinder on shaft is inserted into pulley locking bolt. Applications include VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Renault and Ford. Use with 1/2” drive tools. CTA Manufacturing 8088 Bosch Alernator Wrench ...
  • Delco CS Alternator Tester
    Delco CS Alternator Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: J-41450-B
    Your Price: $172.83Includes Free Shipping
    This is the quick way to diagnose the charging system without having to use a meter. Determine whether it`s the alternator causing the charging system problems or not, before you waste time removing a "good" alternator from the vehicle. The tester isolates the alternator from the circuitry. By doing this, it`s easy to determine whether the problem has been eliminated (meaning the alternator is "bad"), or if the problem still exists (meaning it`s ...
  • Multitooth Adapter Internal Serration / XZN
    Multitooth Adapter Internal Serration / XZN
    Manufacturers Part #: H2592
    Your Price: $34.41
    For R & R of freewheel pulley on the alternator.Comparable to VW tool number 3400.Applicable: Volkswagen Jetta with 1.9 TDI engine.Length: 30mm Hazet 2592 Multitooth Adapter Internal Serration / XZN ...
  • Power Steering Pump / Alternator Pulley Remover
    Power Steering Pump / Alternator Pulley Remover
    Manufacturers Part #: 7185
    Your Price: $33.97
    Power Steering Pump/Alternator Pulley Remover. The 7185 tool removes pulleys on most Chrysler, Ford, GM, and VW vehicles, including Saginaw, Thompson, and the Ford C2 power steering pumps; GM belt-driven vacuum pumps on both gas and diesel cars; and press-on water pump pulleys on GM 4-cylinder and V-6 engines.The 7185 works on pulleys with hub diameters of 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/16", and 1-3/8".With split collet design, the jaws grip the pulley fla...