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  • No. 9 Nokker Kit Slide Hammer
    No. 9 Nokker Kit Slide Hammer
    Manufacturers Part #: 9KIT
    Your Price: $176.63Includes Free Shipping
    9-lb. Slide Hammer taps lightly as a tack hammer or drives like a sledge.Allows positive control of impact. Includes: BS-1 Thin Hook - Used on light duty applications where a narrow blade is needed. BS-2 Chain Hook - Chain fits around metal parts where a regular hook might slip off or not reach. Can be used with vice grips to pull sheet metal edges. BS-4 Caulking Blade - Used as a straight driver or deep reverse pulling when used with a BS-3 Ret...
  • Magna Wire Claw Kit
    Magna Wire Claw Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: J20042
    Your Price: $159.50Includes Free Shipping
    Everything needed for crease repair with Magna Spot Welders Motor Guard J20042 Magna Wire Claw Kit MCJ20042...
    Manufacturers Part #: KTI-70305
    Your Price: $38.21
    Features and Benefits: Reversible jaws feature a wide face on one end and a narrow face on the other - its like two tools in one Grip tightens as pressure is applied Manufactured with heat-treated, drop forged, alloy steel Spread: 6" Reach: 3-1/4" ...
  • Internal Pulling Attachment for OTC 939
    Internal Pulling Attachment for OTC 939
    Manufacturers Part #: 1165
    Your Price: $325.20Includes Free Shipping
    Approved by leading bearing manufacturers, OTC's internal pulling attachments remove bearing cups, oil seals, bushings, and other parts from blind holes quickly and easily.Each attachment is designed for use with a corresponding Push-Puller or slide hammer assembly. Specifications: Jaw Spread: 3" - 9"Jaw Reach: 5-7/8"Thread of tapped hole in adapter: 1-1/2"-12Internal thread of tapped cross block: 1"-14Weight: 13 Lbs. 8 Oz.Use with No. 939 Push ...
  • Combination 2 & 3 Jaw Reversible Puller 5 Ton 8 In
    Combination 2 & 3 Jaw Reversible Puller 5 Ton 8 In
    Manufacturers Part #: 3562
    Your Price: $58.94
    Features: Heavy duty 2- or 3- jaw puller is designed for the toughest pulling jobs.Puller uses a special 2- to 3-way yoke.Triple jaw design provides a positive 3-point grip on the part to be pulled and the 3-position jaws provide added versatility and extended reach.Tool can be used as a 2-jaw puller.All parts are heat treated for durability. Specifications: Jaw position: 3.Maximum spread: 8".Maximum reach: 5-3/4".Capacity: 5 tons.Screw size: 9-...
  • Puller Adapter 5/8-18 Female To 1/2-20 Male
    Puller Adapter 5/8-18 Female To 1/2-20 Male
    Manufacturers Part #: 8006
    Your Price: $13.53
    Male-Female Threaded Adapters For use on the ends of Push- Puller legs or forcing screws when pulling shafts, bearing caps, pinions, etc. Female End 5/8"-18, Male End 1/2"-20, Length 2 1/4" ...
  • Heavy-Duty Universal Joint Puller
    Heavy-Duty Universal Joint Puller
    Manufacturers Part #: OTC5190A
    Your Price: $255.54Includes Free Shipping
    May be used with up to a one-inch impact wrench. Quickly and easily removes sealed U-joint cups without the need for hammering or heat. Will not damage the driveshaft, yoke, bearing cups, or joints. Fits practically all Class 7 and 8 trucks, including: Spicer drivelines 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810, 1880 Spicer SPL 140, 170, and 250 “Life Series” Meritor (Rockwell) 16N, 17N, 18N, 1710 Meritor RPL 20 and 25 “Permalube”...
  • 10-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set
    10-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set
    Manufacturers Part #: 7948
    Your Price: $265.70Includes Free Shipping
    You can pull flange-type rear axles, stubborn oil seals and bearings and other press-fit parts. Jaws can be set up for 2/3 way internal or external pulling jobs. Includes: No. 1155 - Slide hammer w/5 lb. hammerNo. 7372 - Rear axle pulling attachmentNo. 24544 - 3-way cross headNo. 24545 - ConeNo. 27241 - 2-way cross blockNo. 27315 - Puller hook attachmentNo. 34698 - Pulling jaws (3) for internal or external pulling jobsNo. 205378 - Grip wrench ada...
  • Chrysler Crankshaft Pulley Kit OTC6075
    Chrysler Crankshaft Pulley Kit OTC6075
    Manufacturers Part #: 6075
    Your Price: $126.92Includes Free Shipping
    This 3-jaw puller is used with the insert to remove the crankshaft damper whenever the timing belt, water pump or most types of front cover service is required. The tool kit includes a damper installing tool with a bearing. Works on 1995 and newer 3.5L V-6 engines found in the Chrysler New Yorker and Concorde, Dodge Intreprid, and Eagle Vision; 1995-newer 2.0L, and 2.4L 4-cylinder, and 2.5L V-6 used in the Cirrus, Stratus, and Breeze; plus 1995 a...