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  • ER70S-6 Mig Wire Solid 33 Lbs (.045")
    ER70S-6 Mig Wire Solid 33 Lbs (.045")
    Manufacturers Part #: 1440-0447
    Your Price: $71.82
    Premium AWS CLASS ER70S-6. For general purpose MIG welding. Designed to be used on mild steel. Best used with clean or prepared welding surface. Requires a shielding gas. DC reverse polarity. Victor-Firepower 1440-0447 ER70S-6 Mig Wire Solid 33 Lbs (.045") VQ1440-0447...
  • Thermal Dynamics C-35A Air Plasma Cutter Cutting System
    Thermal Dynamics C-35A Air Plasma Cutter Cutting System
    Manufacturers Part #: 1-1635-1
    Designed for the 3/8" (10mm) cutting market, this economical plasma cutter is a favorite for auto body repair, light duty maintenance, and sheet metal fabrication, and it is also very useful around the farm or ranch. It cuts quickly through stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, copper or brass, with minimum heat input and distortion of metal and it also cuts through rusted, painted or coated surfaces without prior surface preparation. This inve...
  • Economy Adjustable Ratchet Headgear
    Economy Adjustable Ratchet Headgear
    Manufacturers Part #: 1441-0042
    Your Price: $26.88
    Streamlined, compact design allows welders to get into tight places. Meets or Exceeds: ANSI Z87-1, CE and various International Standards. Victor-Firepower 1441-0042 Economy Adjustable Ratchet Headgear VQ1441-0042...
  • Standoff Guide
    Standoff Guide
    Manufacturers Part #: 9-8251
    Your Price: $53.38
    Standoff Guide for CM51 Thermal Dynamics 9-8251 Standoff Guide VQ9-8251...
  • 150/250 Series Acetylene Welding Nozzle 00-W-1-FS
    150/250 Series Acetylene Welding Nozzle 00-W-1-FS
    Manufacturers Part #: 0324-0149
    Your Price: $38.26
    Welding Nozzles For Use With Acetylene Only General purpose welding and brazing. Complete with brass universal gas mixer and elbow tip. One piece copper elbow construction 100% flame tested. Double o-ring seal, hand tight only. For use with WH260C torch handle. Model # 00-W-1-FS Size 00 Metal Thickness 1/16”-3/64” Victor-Firepower 0324-0149 150/250 Series Acetylene Welding Nozzle 00-W-1-FS VQ0324-0149...
  • Nitrogen Welding System
    Nitrogen Welding System
    Manufacturers Part #: 6056
    The world's most advanced and complete plastic welding kit. Urethane Supply Company's 6056 Nitrogen Welding System is the most complete and technologically advanced plastic welding repair system available in one package. The Nitrogen Welding System includes virtually everything a shop needs to make the highest quality welds to plastic parts. The system includes a 5600HT Airless Plastic Welder and a 6053 Hot Air Welder coupled to a 6053N2 Nitroge...
    Manufacturers Part #: VHC77P
     Features and Benefits: Half cut bits for increased strength and made of S2 Steel Includes HBR5 Low Profile Double Ended Mini Ratchet Wrench All bits are 5/8: (16mm) OAL BLTX100- Half Cut Torx Tips on short handle and Ball Torx on long handle Lifetime Warranty on evaporative cooler housing VHC77- 77pc, Half Cut Stubby Bit Set includes:  10-pc Torx: T10-T50,  10-pc tamper proof Torx: T8-T50,  10-pc Torx Plus: T8-T50,  10-...
    Manufacturers Part #: 1440-0187
    Your Price: $17.65
    • Premium AWS CLASS E-7018. General purpose contact type electrode with powdered iron coating. Designed for high sulphur steels, hardenable low alloy steels, high tensile steels, medium and high carbon steels, cold rolled steels and free machining steels. Ideal for joining hard to weld steels. Flat, vertical and fillet positions only. 1/8” 10 lb. 70,000 PSI...
  • UltraMig 225, 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 30A, 50-60Hz, 1 Connector Mig
    UltraMig 225, 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 30A, 50-60Hz, 1 Connector Mig
    Manufacturers Part #: 288002246
    UltraMig 225 for MIG Brazing and Mig Welding Aluminum Requires single phase 208-230 volt service. 60% duty cycle at 160 amp output. Standard welding torch cable 10', optional 15' available, AC power cable 25'. Maximum wire spool size 30 lb. Additional programming for silicone bronze wire in 3 sizes.Digital display of output volts and amps.Easy to use keypad selection of wire types, sizes, and welding modes.Ultra fine tuning system for optimum re...