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  • Compression Gauge Adapter
    Compression Gauge Adapter
    Manufacturers Part #: J-26999-20
    Your Price: $100.67Includes Free Shipping
    Compression Gauge Adapter J-26999-20 Tool Number: J-26999-20 Tool Name: COMPRESSION GAUGE ADAPTER Applications: 6.6L DIESEL Kent-Moore KM J-26999-20 Compression Gauge Adapter ...
  • Engine Stand 750 Lb Capacity
    Engine Stand 750 Lb Capacity
    Manufacturers Part #: 8750
    Your Price: $109.91Includes Free Shipping
    750 lb. Capacity Engine Stand  8750 Sturdy tubular steel construction for strength Multi-position locking mount Adjustable locking mechanism allows 360° rotation of engine T-shaped design for added stability 4 wheel design UPS shippable in 1 box Specifications: Capacity (Lbs.) 750 Length (In.) 32.5 Width (In.) 28.5 Height (In.) 38 Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 59 Sunex 8750 750 Lb Capacity Engine Stand ...
  • Piston Ring Groove Cleaner
    Piston Ring Groove Cleaner
    Manufacturers Part #: 24000
    Your Price: $18.52
    Comes w/ two easy to set cutter wheels for quick cleaning of grooves.Heavy coil spring holds cutter in groove for fast removal of carbon.Tool comes w/ standard Lisle #24020 cutter blade sizes: 5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" & special Lisle #24350 cutter blade w/ sizes: 1.5mm, 1/16", 1.75mm, 2mm, & 1/4".Metric cutter #24270 also available.Handles pistons 2 3/4" to 5" diameter.Shipping weight 10 oz. Lisle 24000 Piston Ring Groove Cleaner ...
  • T.O.M.C.A.T. Air-Assisted Multiple Camber Adjustment Tool
    T.O.M.C.A.T. Air-Assisted Multiple Camber Adjustment Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: TC-614
    Your Price: $162.32Includes Free Shipping
    "Makes Camber Adjustment a One-Man Job" Works on many GM and Chrysler vehicles using two-bolt lower strut mounts.Inflatable air bladder fits between tire and strut for easy and controlled adjustment of camber settings.Camber can be easily set with wheels on the ground.Eliminates the need for special camber bolts. Includes: 2' air hose and bladder.Low pressure pop-off valve to prevent overinflating.Air control valve for inflating and controlled d...
  • Drive Pinion Bearing Cup Installer T67P-4616-A
    Drive Pinion Bearing Cup Installer T67P-4616-A
    Manufacturers Part #: 205-024
    Your Price: $327.71Includes Free Shipping
    Same as Ford part number T67P-4616-AUsed with 205-098 as a replacement screwApplications: 8.8 Inch, Dana 60, Dana 70, Dana 80Vehicles: Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, Town Car, Ranger, Mustang, Focus, F-150, F-Super Duty 250-550, Explorer/Mountaineer/Sport Trac, Expedition/Navigator OTC 205-024 Drive Pinion Bearing Cup Installer ...
  • Toyota Serpentine Belt Wrench
    Toyota Serpentine Belt Wrench
    Manufacturers Part #: TOY1914
    Applications: 1998-2005 Corolla, 2004 Matrix, 2008 Highlander V6 (Non Hybrid), 2002 RAV4 and 4.7L/5.7L V8 used in Tundra and Sequoia through 2008.Works on most Toyota applications (except Hybrids)Lightweight and Slim design.Equipped with 14mm and 19mm, 12 point securing attachments Assenmacher Specialty Tools AST TOY1914 Toyota Serpentine Belt Wrench ...
  • DBC 2-1/8" (54mm) Brake Cylinder Flex-Hone 320SC Grit
    DBC 2-1/8" (54mm) Brake Cylinder Flex-Hone 320SC Grit
    Manufacturers Part #: DBC21832
    Your Price: $26.16
    The DBC Series Flex-Hone tool was originally developed to deglaze and finish Disc Brake cylinders but can be used anywhere a shorter, more compact tool is required. The Flex Hone tool is available in different abrasive types and grits selections.  Brush Research DBC21832 DBC 2-1/8" (54mm) Brake Cylinder Flex-Hone 320SC Grit   ...
  • Camshaft Gear Holder
    Camshaft Gear Holder
    Manufacturers Part #: J-39579
    Your Price: $53.85
    Camshaft Gear Holder J-39579 Tool Number: J-39579 Price (USD): $48.04 Tool Name: CAMSHAFT GEAR HOLDER Applications: QUAD 4 J, L, N, 2.3 L , The 1992 Quad 4 engines have a new designed cam gear which requires the J 39579 for servicing of the gear. It is used with a 1/2" square drive and fits into the four access holes of the gear to prevent damage to the gear teeth. Kent-Moore KM J-39579 Camshaft Gear Holder ...
  • Syncro Positioning Tool 303-529 for Ford
    Syncro Positioning Tool 303-529 for Ford
    Manufacturers Part #: 6472
    Your Price: $19.49
    This tool is necessary when replacing a camshaft position sensor on Ford engines.Same as Ford tool number T95T-12200-A and OTC 303-529.Applications include: 1995-1997 Aerostar (3.0L V6) 1996-1998 Aerostar (4.0L V6) 1996-1998 Explorer (4.0L V6) 1995-1997 Ranger (3.0L V6) 1996-1998 Ranger (4.0L V6) 1996-1997 Taurus (3.0L V6 2-Valve) 1996-1997 Sable (3.0L V6 2-Valve) 1995-1997 Windstar (3.0L V6) OTC 6472 Camshaft Sensor Syncro Positioning Tool ...