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  • Charged Air Cooler Tester
    Charged Air Cooler Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 5039
    Your Price: $314.75Includes Free Shipping
    Features: The easy way to find air leaks in charged air cooling systems on Class 7 & 8 trucks.Using the quick disconnect air fittings, the tester connects right to a 3", 3 1/2" or 4" cooler hose.Has a large 2 1/2", 0-60 PSI pressure gauge, regulator & relief valve, & two safety cables.Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz. OTC 5039 Charged Air Cooler Tester ...
  • Cooling System Air Evac and Refill Kit
    Cooling System Air Evac and Refill Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: MV4535
    Your Price: $155.26Includes Free Shipping
    The Mityvac MV4535 Cooling System AirEvac Kit refills automotive cooling systems in minutes without trapping air that can cause overheating.The kit combines a universal adapter with a compressed-air-operated venturi vacuum to quickly eliminate trapped air by purging and refilling the cooling system under vacuum.Its new innovative design allows improved access into tight areas, and the patent pending valve coupler allows the operator to test the ...
  • Detector Light Assembly
    Detector Light Assembly
    Manufacturers Part #: 417100
    Your Price: $108.31Includes Free Shipping
    This handy unit puts system leaks in the spotlight. Works with A/C, Coolant/Antifreeze, oil and fuel dyes. Kit includes 12 Volt UV Detection Light and UV-Enhancing glasses. UV detection light utilizes 12 Volt power source. Works with A/C, Coolant Oil and Fuel dyes to identify leaks. Viper - Clore Automotive 417100 Detector Light Assembly SO417100...
  • EVAP System Leak Tester
    EVAP System Leak Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 46469
    *this item has been discontinued
    All Waekon products are made in the USA and backed by their toll free technical support hotline 800-342-5080 Pressurization/Test Manifold - Gradually increase or maintain system pressure while verifying or pinpointing a leak sourceAlso available in 46568 EVAP System Master Diagnostic Kit Waekon 46469 EVAP System Leak Tester (Tank Tester only with case) ...
  • Hose Adapter for No. 5039
    Hose Adapter for No. 5039
    Manufacturers Part #: 48997
    Your Price: $75.03
    Hose Adapter for No. 5039 Charged Air Cooler Tester OTC 48997 Hose Adapter ...
  • LeakFinder Wind & Water Kit
    LeakFinder Wind & Water Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: TP-8648
    Finds leaks in moon and sun-roofs, windshields, door seals, trunk seals, cabs and joints, or any other place wind and water leaks can occur! TP-8648 Kit includes: OPTIMAX JrT ultra-compact, high-intensity LED flashlight (TP-8640), TracerJet™ spray gun, 8 oz. twin-neck bottle of fluorescent water dye, fluorescence-enhancing glasses and rugged carrying case. Tracerline Spectronics TP-8648 LeakFinder Wind & Water Kit Built to order. 5-7 day le...