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  • CoolTrak
    Coolant Test Strips - Qty 50
    Coolant Test Strips - Qty 50
    Manufacturers Part #: 311519
    Your Price: $14.88
    CoolTrak 311519 Coolant Test Strips CoolTrak Coolant Test Strips offer a fast, easy and reliable way to test engine coolant effectiveness. With one simple dip, you can determine an engine's protection against freeze-up, boil-over and acid buildup with a highly effective pH test. CoolTrak's coolant pH chemistry gives you more knowledge regarding engine coolant condition. In 15 seconds, CoolTrak measures coolant freezepoint, boilpoint and pH level...
  • Schley Products, Inc
    Universal Fan Clutch Water Pump Pulley Holding Tool
    Universal Fan Clutch Water Pump Pulley Holding Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 61600
    Your Price: $41.13
    Universal Fan Clutch Water Pump Pulley Holding Tool This unique tool is a specially designed contoured water pump holder that is exceptionally easy to use on vehicles using bolt on pulleys on the water pump.The new water pump holding tool replaces all designs of water pump holding tools for "bolt on type pulleys".No adjusting or fiddling, simply with one hand, hook on the pulley bolts, hold and remove the viscous fan clutch.Reverse the 61600 to ...
  • Powerpush by Meritool
    Autoadjust Hose Clamp Pliers
    Autoadjust Hose Clamp Pliers
    Manufacturers Part #: 5024B
    Your Price: $19.40
    For both flat and round wire type clamps. Flat Wire Hose Clamps are applied by hand in sizes ranging from 5.33 mm to 52mm. Until the introduction of the 5024B Patented, Autoadjust Hose Clamp Plier, several tools were required to handle the common sizes in use in the market. Standard hose clamp pliers would not accommodate the range of clamps available making several tools a necessity. **LIMITED STOCK** Meritool 5024B Patented Autoadjust Hose Cla...
  • Stant, Inc
    Cooling System & Radiator Pressure Cap Tester
    Cooling System & Radiator Pressure Cap Tester
    Manufacturers Part #: 12270
    Your Price: $75.90
    The Stant 12270 tester allows you to test today`s cars higher pressure cooling systems and pressure caps up to 30 pounds.The gauge includes new cap testing pressure ranges of 17-19 lbs., 20 lbs., and 28-30 lbs.The larger color coded dial makes it easy to accurately test these higher pressure caps and systems.The 12270 head also includes a pressure release bar that, when turned clockwise, releases pressure buildup before removing the head from th...
  • Astro Pneumatic
    Hose Clamp Pliers AST9409
    Hose Clamp Pliers AST9409
    Manufacturers Part #: 9409A
    Your Price: $27.35
    PLEASE NOTE: this item is manufactured with either red or purple handles; the color is not an option but depends on what the manufacturer sends. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but there is no color choice option available to customers. Allows for extra reach, removal and locking of clamps into open position.Allows for removal of plastic and/or metal self-tightening hose clamps with diameters of 11/16" - 2-1/2" (18mm-54mm).Pre...
  • Assenmacher Specialty Tools
    Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool - Ford 6.0L Turbo Diesel
    Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool - Ford 6.0L Turbo Diesel
    Manufacturers Part #: 8023
    Used for R and R of Transmission Oil Cooler Lines Orange-Anodized Aluminum Construction Quick line removal Included in the #8110 Line Disconnect Set Applications include: Ford - Edge, Ford - Escape 2009 - 2009Fits 2009 Escape with 6F TransFits 2012 Ford EdgeFord - Excursion with 6.0L Turbodiesel 2005 - 2005Ford - Explorer (V8 engine) 2008Ford - F-250 with 6.0L Turbodiesel 2005 - 2005Ford - F-350 with 6.0L Turbodiesel 2005 - 2005Ford - vehicles ...
  • Mityvac
    Complete Automotive Accessory Kit
    Complete Automotive Accessory Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: MVA6000
    Your Price: $25.52
    Kit contains accessories for testing and diagnosing dozens of engine performance and automotive mechanical functions, and for one-person brake and hydraulic clutch bleeding. All components are designed for use with Mityvac Silverline and Selectline hand vacuum and dual pressure/vacuum hand pumps. Includes: (4) Tapered adapters for connecting to tubing from .090" to .50" ID (2.3mm to 12.7mm ID)(2) Tapered manifold plugs(12) Color-coded vacuum line...
  • OTC Tools and Equipment
    Water Pump Pulley Service Set T94P-6312-AH
    Water Pump Pulley Service Set T94P-6312-AH
    Manufacturers Part #: 303-S455
    Your Price: $178.14
    Same as Ford part number T94P-6312-AHIncludes: 303-456 thru 303-459.Includes: 303-456 thru 303-459.Applications: 2.5L, 3.0L Duratec OTC 303-S455 Water Pump Pulley Service Set ...
  • Lisle
    Fan Clutch Spanner Wrench - GM, Jeep & Dodge
    Fan Clutch Spanner Wrench - GM, Jeep & Dodge
    Manufacturers Part #: 44180
    Your Price: $33.52
    There are two sets of pins, one set are 2.534" apart, the other set are 3.025" apart. GM, Jeep & Dodge trucks, vans and SUVs with pressed on water pump pulleys.Hold the pulley firm with the spanner wrench.Use the appropriate open end wrench to turn the fan clutch nut (Lisle p/n 41740 36mm Turning Wrench works on many applications).Shipping weight 3 lbs. Lisle 44180 Fan Clutch Spanner Wrench ...

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