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  • 115V Battery Charger for 8800, 8800A, 8850, 8800AINTL
    115V Battery Charger for 8800, 8800A, 8850, 8800AINTL
    Manufacturers Part #: 8803A
    Your Price: $41.01
    For use with: Tif 8800, 8800A, 8850, and 8800AINTL. Tif 8803A 115V Battery Charger ...
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Manufacturers Part #: CO71A
    Your Price: $243.32Includes Free Shipping
    CO Detective 1: CO71A - Monitors, records, and alerts you to the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide in ambient air. The visual display constantly indicates precise quantities while the audible and visual alarms respond to various threshold levels. Carbon Monoxide (CO) - is a lethal poison produced when certain fuels are burned. It can rapidly accumulate even in areas that might appear well ventilated. Because CO is colorless, tasteless, odor...
  • Combustible Gas Detector
    Combustible Gas Detector
    Manufacturers Part #: TIF8900
    Your Price: $198.31Includes Free Shipping
    The Tif 8900 is the perfect tool to be used in a situation where a combustible gas, vapor or residue needs to be found. Solid state sensor technology, long life and precision Broad band of combustible gas detection Sensitivity as low as 5 ppm Adjustable sensitivity Audible "Geiger counter" signal LED Leak Intensity Lights Automatic warm up Cordless operation Flexible 16" stainless probe for hard to reach places Rechargeable battery and charger i...
  • Combustible gas detector
    Combustible gas detector
    Manufacturers Part #: 55975
    Your Price: $182.16Includes Free Shipping
    Features and Benefits: Heated Tin Oxide sensor 2000 hour sensor life Eliminates many false responses High, medium and low sensitivity Peak feature for multiple leaks The Intella-Sense 55975 combustible gas detector with revolutionary heated tin oxide sensor eliminates many false responses. Quickly and accurately diagnose combustible gas leaks in all environments. Response time is less than 1 second. The unit will display complete diagnostic info...
  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensing Tip for 8800, 8800A, 8850
    Combustible Gas Detector Sensing Tip for 8800, 8800A, 8850
    Manufacturers Part #: 8801
    Your Price: $30.31
    This sensing tip is a replacement part for the Tif 8800, 8800A and 8850 Combustible Gas Detectors.Also for 8800AINTL and 8800INTL 220V Combustible Gas Detectors. Tif 8801 Combustible Gas Detector Sensing Tip ...
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector
    Combustible Gas Leak Detector
    Manufacturers Part #: CGD900
    Your Price: $238.95Includes Free Shipping
    Detects all Combustible Gases including Hydrocarbon MSHA ApprovedIntrinsically Safe (in Methane-Air only)Numeric LED Display of SensitivityHeated Sensor TechnologyUltra Sensitive to Methane GasLong Life SensorUnique Digital Leak Size AlarmAutomatic Calibration4 "AA" Alkaline BatteriesAudio Mute Mode3 LED Sensitivity Levels Specifications: Sensitivity: Down to 5ppm (methane)Sensor Life: 300+ hoursResponse Time: InstantaneousWarm-up Time: ...
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector CD100A
    Combustible Gas Leak Detector CD100A
    Manufacturers Part #: CD100A
    Your Price: $168.63Includes Free Shipping
    Combustible Gas Leak Detector CD100A The CD100A is the perfect serviceman's tool designed to detect combustible gas leaks in residential and small commercial applications. Its semiconductor sensor responds instantaneously to all combustible gases, allowing you to pinpoint the source of the gas leak or to verify the work you've just completed is leak free. The easily adjusted, steady tic rate increases as the sensor tip approaches the source of t...
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector w/ Carry Case
    Combustible Gas Leak Detector w/ Carry Case
    Manufacturers Part #: CD200
    Your Price: $244.69Includes Free Shipping
    The CD200 has a long, slim gooseneck probe and a bright LED tip light to find combustible gas leaks in tight areas.It's adjustable alarm, easy one-hand operation and impact resistant storage case add up to value and convenience.Adjustable tick rate to locate leaks quickly.Three year limited warranty.LED lights light up for visual detection.Hard carry case for protection.Separate user adjustable alarm for predetermined level detection.Red LED loc...
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector w/ Semi-conductor Sensor
    Combustible Gas Leak Detector w/ Semi-conductor Sensor
    Manufacturers Part #: NGD8800
    Your Price: $170.67Includes Free Shipping
    This Combustible Gas Detector is extremely useful as a general purpose tool in any environment where gasoline, propane, methane, natural gas or fuel oil is used. This unit uses a newly developed semi-conductor sensor which is extremely sensitive to variety of general use combustible gases. Applications: Detect leaks in exhaust and fuel systemsDetect leaks in liquid or gas fired heating systemsSafety checks at propane filling stationsSearch for ar...