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  • Exhaust Back Pressure Tester in Plastic Box
    Exhaust Back Pressure Tester in Plastic Box
    Manufacturers Part #: TU-29PB
    Your Price: $49.97
    Enables Technician to test exhaust back pressure thru oxygen sensor.Oxygen Sensor adapter includes M12 & M18 thread.The special 2 1/4" gauge has two multi-colored bands - idle and 2500 RPM, with pressures shown in PSI and bar.Furnished with rubber boot to protect gauge.Hose is 6 feet, enough length for the Technician to test from the driver's seat. Star Products TU-29PB Exhaust Back Pressure Tester ...
  • 1/2" Drive 7 Piece Oxygen Sensor Set
    1/2" Drive 7 Piece Oxygen Sensor Set
    Manufacturers Part #: 2850
    Your Price: $72.54
    1/2" Drive 7 Piece Oxygen Sensor Set  2850 Easily removes vacuum switches, oil pressure sending units, brake light switches, and oxygen sensors on most car models CR-MO alloy steel for long life Fully guaranteed Heavy duty blow molded storage case Shipping weight (Lbs.) - 5.5 Set Includes: 29mm pressure/ vacuum switch socket 7/8" vacuum switch socket with 7.5mm gap 27mm oil pressure sending unit socket 7/8" vacuum switch socket with ...
  • Tailpipe Cutter 7" Long
    Tailpipe Cutter 7" Long
    Manufacturers Part #: CH119
    Your Price: $7.49
    Tailpipe Cutter 7" Long CH119 Item No. CH119 Tailpipe Cutter 7'' Long DIMENSION INCHES A:     0.98 B:     0.401 C:     5.27 D:     1.73 E:     7 F:     0.49  Shape: na  Weight: 0.5 lbs. Grey Pneumatic CH119 Tailpipe Cutter 7" Long  ...
  • Exhaust Hanger Tool
    Exhaust Hanger Tool
    Manufacturers Part #: 0130-2
    Your Price: $17.59
    For removal and replacement of exhaust mounting rubbers.Application: Ford, BMW, etc.Hook length: 40mmReturn angle: 100°Tool overall length: 200mmWeight: 95 g (.2094 lb) Klann Tools 0130-2 Exhaust Hanger Tool ...
  • Exhaust Manifold Set - 3-Pc
    Exhaust Manifold Set - 3-Pc
    Manufacturers Part #: 3963
    Your Price: $38.74
    Works on exhaust manifolds or other applications where a spring needs to be compressed during installation of a nut Patented cone shape socket helps to keep springs in place while working the nut down over the stud Includes sizes 12-13mm, 14-15mm, and 18mm commonly found on GM engines 3/8" drive sockets All sockets come in a blow molded case KD Tools 3963 3 Piece Exhaust Manifold Set ...
  • Universal Nut Cracker - 7/16 to 3/4 Inch
    Universal Nut Cracker - 7/16 to 3/4 Inch
    Manufacturers Part #: 715D
    Your Price: $32.68
    Splits most stubborn nuts across the flats.Works in channels not accessible to other tools.Parallel action of pusher cracks nuts without damaging bolt threads.Chisel rotates 360 degrees to line up parallel to bolt. Tighten the screw until the nut splits.Has a drop-forged frame.Do not use on heat-treated nuts.Length: 6-3/4". GearWrench 715D Universal Nutcracker 7/16" to 3/4" ...
  • Slip Segment Set 2-3/4" (70mm)
    Slip Segment Set 2-3/4" (70mm)
    Manufacturers Part #: 33SSS234
    Your Price: $209.18Includes Free Shipping
    Bending and End Form Tooling Image is representative of product, but may vary from actual item. AMH Canada 33SSS234 Slip Segment Set 2-3/4" (70mm) ...
  • Three-Button Control Pipe Bender - Dual End Swager - 302 Bit Pkg
    Three-Button Control Pipe Bender - Dual End Swager - 302 Bit Pkg
    Manufacturers Part #: 1502BAS-302
    Your Price: $6,223.84Includes Free Shipping
    FREE FREIGHT!* An automatic control board, which is safely enclosed within the front upright of the bender, is located up front for operator convenience. The GREEN button is used for full automatic bending functions, the BLUE button for initiating an automatic return sequence and the RED button for automatic stop. The depth-of-bend plate is equipped with an adjustable slide pointer that can be preset to stop at any desired bend depth. 1502 model...
  • Backpressure Test Kit
    Backpressure Test Kit
    Manufacturers Part #: 481
    Your Price: $108.93Includes Free Shipping
    Take readings while road testing vehicle.Compare pressure ahead and behind suspected restriction, like a catalytic converter or muffler.Includes punch, 5/16"x1/2" self-tapping bolts, test adapter, 12/18mm fitting for oxygen sensor port, 8-ft. of heat resistant silicone tipped hose and 0-15 psi gauge. Thexton 481 Backpressure Test Kit ...