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Automotive diagnostic tools are essential for any automotive mechanic, as they allow you to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with a vehicle. There are many different types of automotive diagnostic tools available, each with its own specific uses.

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Some of the most common automotive diagnostic tools include:

  • OBD scanners: These scanners connect to a vehicle's OBD-II port and can read codes that are stored in the vehicle's computer. These codes can help you identify the source of a problem.
  • Scan tools: These tools are more advanced than OBD scanners and can provide more detailed information about a vehicle's systems. They can also be used to perform certain repairs, such as resetting codes or clearing stored data.
  • Pressure gauges: These gauges measure the pressure of fluids in a vehicle's engine, transmission, and other systems. They can be used to diagnose problems with these systems.
  • Multimeters: These tools measure voltage, current, and resistance. They can be used to test the electrical system of a vehicle and diagnose problems with it.

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Types of automotive diagnostic tools:

  • OBD scanners
  • Scan tools
  • Pressure gauges
  • Multimeters
  • Oil testers
  • Brake testers
  • Emission testers
  • Engine analyzers
  • Transmission analyzers

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