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Ignition Spark Tester - Adjustable

Ignition Spark Tester - Adjustable
  • Works on ignition systems from high energy electronic automotive systems to small engines.
  • Tests for no start conditions and for spark strength.
  • Adjustable gap allows for different spark gap requirements of different ignition systems from 0 to 40,000 volts.
  • Gauge background makes spark easy to see for accurate measurement.
  • Alligator clip securely fastens to ground.
  • Screw assembly adjusts spark gap quickly and easily.
  • Now includes safety shield.

  • Thexton 404 Adjustable Ignition Spark Tester
    • Shipping Weight: 0.15lbs
    • Manufactured by: Thexton Mfg Co
    • Toolsource #: 54392
    • Manufacturers Part #: 404
    • Also Known As: TH404, THX-404, THX404, TX404

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