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Battery Diagnostics & Charging > Battery Testers > Digital Battery /Charging System Tester PBT100 w/ Voltmeter (M

Digital Battery /Charging System Tester PBT100 w/ Voltmeter (MID

Digital Battery /Charging System Tester PBT100 w/ Voltmeter (MID
The essential battery/charging system tester for every technician!

Using Midtronics` PBT-100 battery/charging system tester, technicians now have a version of the same tester required for use in OEM garages around the world. The PBT-100 makes the leading technology affordable, so everyone can experience the advantages of conductance testing: a safe, fast, simple and portable system that improves technician`s productivity.

  • Accurately tests batteries in seconds.
  • Test both the charger and starting system.
No heat, no sparks, no misdiagnosis!
Using the PBT-100 means technicians can accurately and quickly test batteries, even when discharged. The portable unit is activated by simply connecting clamps to the battery, setting the rating and pressing the test button. In seconds, the PBT-100 will display an accurate test decision.

Professional diagnosis, affordable price!
In addition to battery testing, the PBT-100 tests the starter and charging system - at a price anyone can afford. One push of a button and the technician can test the starter and charging system. Using the same technology now recognized as the standard for battery testing around the world, this durable and easy-to-use tester makes every technician a battery/charging system expert.

  • Tests discharged batteries down to 8 volts.
  • Rating Systems: CCA, SAE, DIN, IEC, EN
  • Battery Condition: 3-LED`s for showing Good, Good-Recharge, Charge and Retest and Replace
  • Voltmeter: Digital
  • Voltmeter: 8-17 volts DC
  • Applications: Individual 12-volt automotive starting batteries; 12 volt charging systems
  • Uses power of the battery under test (minimum 8 volts required).
Midtronics PBT-100T Digital Battery/Charging System Tester
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Midtronics
  • Toolsource #: 78430
  • Manufacturers Part #: PBT-100
  • Also Known As: MDPBT100, MDT-PBT100, MIDPBT100, MPPBT100

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