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Universal Noid Light

Universal Noid Light
  • Adjustable probes fit all electronic fuel injection systems.
  • Versatile tool tests throttle body injectors, ported fuel injectors & sequential central port injectors.
  • One person operation.
  • Attach tool to the car body or windshield w/ suction cup.
  • View the Noid light from the front seat while cranking the ignition.
  • A flashing light indicates normal pulses.
  • No light or constant light indicates a problem.
  • Two probe adapters screw on to form larger diameter probes.
  • Shipping weight 5 oz.

  • Lisle 27800 Universal Noid Light
    • Shipping Weight: 0.35lbs
    • Manufactured by: Lisle
    • Toolsource #: 67896
    • Manufacturers Part #: 27800
    • Also Known As: LI27800, LIS-27800, LIS27800, LS27800

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