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Automotive Diagnostics > Ignition Testers > Noid Light IAC Test Lights Ignition Spark Tester K

Noid Light IAC Test Lights Ignition Spark Tester Kit

Noid Light IAC Test Lights Ignition Spark Tester Kit
  • For diagnosing engine problems stemming from the electrical fuel injection system, IAC or spark plug circuits.
  • Noid lights for checking GM TBI, PFI, SCPI and Multec 2 versions, as well as Bosch PF I and II models and the Ford TBI.
  • 2 IAC test lights for flat 4-pin and square 4-pin connectors.
  • The 23900 In-Line Ignition Spark Checker for troubleshooting the ignition system. This checker also shows a duplicate view of the ignition spark.
  • Kit comes in blow-molded case with individual compartments.
S and G Tool Aid 36330 Noid Light IAC Test Lights Ignition Spark Tester Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: S & G Tool Aid
  • Toolsource #: 94102
  • Manufacturers Part #: 36330
  • Also Known As: SG36330, SGT-36330, SGT36330, TA36330

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