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Crankshaft Balancer Installer - 4.0, 4.6L

Crankshaft Balancer Installer - 4.0, 4.6L

  • J-41998-B is used to install the balancer on all engines with an 18 mm balancer bolt.
  • J-41998-B is installed through the balancer into the crankshaft, and then its bolt is held while its nut is tightened to seat the balancer onto the crankshaft.
  • Applications: 4.0, 4.6L
Kent-Moore J-41998-B Crankshaft Balancer Installer

  • Manufactured by: Kent-Moore
  • Toolsource #: 110114
  • Manufacturers Part #: J-41998-B
  • Also Known As: KMJ41998B, OTC-J-41998-B

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