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Low Current Probe Digital Multimeter

Low Current Probe Digital Multimeter
  • Test fuel pumps, fuel injectors, parasitic drains, primary ignition coils and lamp circuits.
  • Obtain measurements as low as 0.001 amps.
  • A range of 1 milliamp to 80 amps.
  • Current measurements can be obtained by clamping over any wire.
  • The digital multimeter can also measure AC or DC volts, resistance, continuity, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance and diodes.
  • Frequency readings can be used to test crankshaft, camshaft, MAF and MAP sensors.
  • The duty cycle setting can be used to test feedback carburetors and idle air control motors.
  • Data hold, one-touch zero and a backlit LCD display are also provided, as is a carrying case, test leads, installed battery and instruction manual.
ESI 687 Low Current Probe / Digital Multimeter
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Electronic Specialties
  • Toolsource #: 96612
  • Manufacturers Part #: 687
  • Also Known As: EL687, ES687, ESI-687, ESI687

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