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Low Current Probe

Low Current Probe
Great tool for accurate measurement of low current. Use with your graphing meter or lab scope to view current waveforms on fuel injectors, fuel pumps, primary ignition coils and more. Also works well with digital multimeters. Resolution of 10 milliamps is low enough for most parasitic drain testing. The unit has a small jaw opening (3/8") making it useful in tight spots.

  • Compatible with many lab scopes and graphing multimeters.
  • Use to generate current waveforms for diagnostic analysis.
  • Also works great with digital multimeters.
  • Small jaw opening of 3/8 inches or 9 mm is convenient for tight spaces.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Test Ranges:

  • DC Amps 0-6A, 60A (resolution .01A)
  • AC Amps 0-6A, 60A (resolution .01A)
  • ESI 695 Low Current Probe

    • Shipping Weight: 1.15lbs
    • Manufactured by: Electronic Specialties
    • Toolsource #: 94103
    • Manufacturers Part #: 695
    • Also Known As: EL695, ES695, ESI695

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