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Gage Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Set 1In Range

Gage Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Set 1In Range
  • 1" range.
  • .001" graduations.
  • 0-100 reading.
  • Includes indicator #4344.
  • Check ball joint wear and disc rotor run-out.
  • Also check gear backlash, valve guide wear & camshaft wear.
  • With optional attachments checks tire and wheel run-out.
  • Special locking pliers clamp securely to any convenient object.
  • Eliminates vibration problems and false readings by mounting directly to spindle.

  • Central Tools 6450 Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Gage Set
    • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
    • Manufactured by: Central Tools
    • Toolsource #: 76164
    • Manufacturers Part #: 6450
    • Also Known As: CE6450, CEN-6450, CEN6450

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