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CDI Torque Products: Precision Torque Tools for Automotive Mechanics

CDI Torque Products is a leading manufacturer of precision torque tools for automotive mechanics. Their products are known for their accuracy, durability, and reliability. CDI torque tools are used by mechanics all over the world to tighten and loosen fasteners to precise torque specifications.

Why Choose CDI Torque Products?

There are many reasons why automotive mechanics choose CDI torque products, including:

  • Accuracy: CDI torque tools are calibrated to within ±2% of their set torque value, ensuring that mechanics can tighten fasteners to the exact torque specification. This is important for preventing over-tightening and under-tightening, which can lead to damage to components and fasteners.
  • Durability: CDI torque tools are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. They are also resistant to shock and vibration, making them ideal for use in the automotive repair shop.
  • Reliability: CDI torque tools are known for their reliability. They are backed by a strong warranty, and customers can be confident that their CDI torque tools will last for many years.

Popular CDI Torque Products for Automotive Mechanics

CDI offers a wide range of torque tools to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular CDI torque products for automotive mechanics include:

  • Click Type Torque Wrenches: These torque wrenches are the most popular type of torque wrench used by automotive mechanics. They are easy to use and provide a clear audible and tactile signal when the desired torque is reached.
  • Dial Indicating Torque Wrenches: These torque wrenches feature a dial that displays the torque being applied. They are ideal for applications where precise torque control is required.
  • Torque Testers: These tools are used to verify the accuracy of torque wrenches. They are essential for ensuring that torque wrenches are calibrated correctly and are providing accurate torque readings.


CDI Torque Products is the best choice for automotive mechanics who need precision torque tools that are accurate, durable, and reliable. CDI torque tools are designed to help mechanics get the job done right, every time.

Types of Products That CDI Torque Products Specializes In

  • Torque wrenches
  • Click type torque wrenches
  • Dial indicating torque wrenches
  • Torque testers
  • Micrometer adjustable torque wrenches
  • Preset torque wrenches
  • Digital torque wrenches
  • Automotive torque tools

Toolsource carries the full line of CDI Torque wrenches and torque setting equipment.

CDI's Electronic and Mechanical torque products come with a full 12 month warranty.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 841 products)