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Diesel SmarTach Tachometer

Diesel SmarTach Tachometer

With rugged construction, this tachometer offers these additional features: Quick and easy selection of No. of cycles; displays maximum and minimum readings in real time; Quick response: < 0.3 seconds; Large LCD display with symbols and measuring units and auto power off.

  • Measures from 200 to 20000 RPM on a 4-1/2 digits LCD display for diesel engines only
  • Universal transducer clamp attaches quickly to fuel injection lines
  • 6 foot cable allows to take RPM readings away from hot or moving parts in the engine
  • User adjustable signal threshold level from 20% to 80%. 10 levels user adjustable signal sensitivity
  • Advanced microcontroller technology yields 0.1 % accuracy
Sheffield Research TA300 Diesel SmarTach Tachometer
  • Shipping Weight: 1.75lbs
  • Manufactured by: Sheffield Research
  • Toolsource #: 142029
  • Manufacturers Part #: TA300
  • Also Known As: SHE-TA300, SHFTA300

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