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Oxyfuel 350 Oxy Acetylene Outfit

Oxyfuel 350 Oxy Acetylene Outfit
High performance, complete system that meets or exceeds industry standards. Easy to adjust color-coded knobs that identify gas type. New handle design ensures a tight grip all the time.

  • Fabric reinforced neoprene diaphragm for optimal performance
  • Zinc-aluminum housing cap is twice the yield strength of brass
  • Lighter, uniform package size for easier shipment/stocking
  • Single stage design
  • Durable forged brass body with easy grip handle. One tip for most gases
  • Superior 350 Series high flow color-coded regulators
  • Complete handle and cutting attachment optimized for multiple gases
  • Up to 6" cutting capacity and
  • Shipping Weight: 12.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: Victor - Firepower
  • Toolsource #: 150658
  • Manufacturers Part #: 0384-2682
  • Also Known As: FPW0384-2682, FR0384-2682, VCT-0384-2682, VIC0384-2682, VQ0384-2682

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