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.3115" Solid Carbide Reamer

.3115\" Solid Carbide Reamer
.3115” Solid Carbide Reamer 1151

These unique reamers feature a 2" long pilot for perfect
alignment with the valve guide while reaming. With
these reamers you can expect to ream a valve guide to
exact dimensions without any taper in just a few seconds.

JIMS® Manganese-Bronze valve guide reaming instructions

A. Install the cylinder head in a vise. Protect the cylinder
head with a clean towel or rag, as pictured.
B. Insert the reamer pilot in the guide and lubricate with
a good quality cutting oil like K-Line Bronze Reamer
Lube. (Fig.1)
C. Ream at 100-200 RPM with a slow feed rate. Let the
reamer do the work and do not force the reamer.
D. After reaming all the way through, pull the reamer out without
stopping the rotation. (DO NOT reverse rotation!)
E. Clean the chips off the reamer and you’re ready for the
next valve guide.

Warning: Always wear proper
safety equipment when working!

JIMS USA JIM 1151 .3115” Solid Carbide Reamer
  • Manufactured by: JIMS USA
  • Toolsource #: 111130
  • Manufacturers Part #: 1151
  • Also Known As: JIM1151

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