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Misc > Kent-Moore CH-48027 Digital Pressure Gau

Kent-Moore CH-48027 Digital Pressure Gauge

Kent-Moore CH-48027 Digital Pressure Gauge
Kent-Moore Tools
Kent-Moore CH-48027 Digital Pressure Gauge  

For GM / General Motors. This tool features a remote transducer and 100 PSI digital pressure/vacuum gauge. Can be used for checks of fuel pressure, engine oil pressure and engine vacuum. Allows for fuel pressure readings to safely be taken inside the passenger compartment without chance of fuel spillage. Can safely monitor fuel pressure, engine/fuel vacuum and temperature values while the vehicle is being driven, thus enhancing diagnostic ability. This tool can display more accurate readings, compared to the present analog gauges. The gauge also incorporates a min/max feature capturing specific values on deman
  • Manufactured by: Kent-Moore
  • Toolsource #: 225074
  • Manufacturers Part #: CH-48027
  • Also Known As: CH-48027

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