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Misc > Battery Mgmnt Tool Model 12-02

Battery Mgmnt Tool Model 12-0200

Battery Mgmnt Tool Model 12-0200
Features and Benefits: Battery Management Monitors: Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Battery Temperature, Operating Times. Failure to validate (register) the new battery will result in: Premature failure of the replacement battery, Issues with the Start/Stop functionality, Shutdown of non-essential electrical systems, If a condemned battery is replaced and new battery not validated, the battery management module will continue to manage the battery in an ?assumed? degraded state, so it is critical that the diagnostic validation takes place. Vehicle Battery Systems fitted to modern cars require a complex system to control and maintain the best charge and discharge rates which not only ensures the longest in service life but also that systems such as Stop/Start operate correctly. The 12-0200 gives the operator access to all the functions complicated and time-consuming manufacturer scan tools have to perform the same function but in a fraction of the time. On average the total time required by the technician to reset a system will be 30 seconds.
  • Shipping Weight: 0.69lbs
  • Manufactured by: Associated Equipment
  • Toolsource #: 350560
  • Manufacturers Part #: 12-0200
  • Also Known As: AE12-0200, AS12-0200, ASO12-0200

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