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3/4" Drive Tools Display

3/4\" Drive Tools Display

Features and Benefits:

  • Exhibit maximum quantity of quick-selling products in a minimum amount of space
  • Allow stores to expand their tool offering without investing large sums in invetory or floor space
  • The display measures 23.5" x 32"
  • Easy to set up
  • Ships with all needed tools, overlay and hardware (hooks, bars, fasteners, etc.)

KTI0848 3/4" Drive Tools Display product contents include:
KTI22075½” F x ¾” M Adapter
KTI240044” Extension
KTI240088” Extension
KTI2401616” Extension
KTI24050¾” F x ½” M Adapter
KTI24070Sliding T-Handle
KTI2408020” Breaker Bar
KTI24085Ratcheting Adapter
KTI24092Ratchet HD Pro
KTI241246 Pt ¾” Skt
KTI241286 Pt 7/8” Skt
KTI241306 Pt 15/16” Skt
KTI241326 Pt 1” Skt
KTI241346 Pt 1-1/16” Skt
KTI241366 Pt 1-1/8” Skt
KTI241386 Pt 1-3/16” Skt
KTI241406 Pt 1-1/4” Skt
KTI241426 Pt 1-5/16” Skt
KTI241446 Pt 1-3/8” Skt
KTI241466 Pt 1-7/16” Skt
KTI241486 Pt 1-1/2” Skt
KTI241526 Pt 1-5/8” Skt
KTI241566 Pt 1-3/4” Skt
KTI241606 Pt 1-7/8” Skt
KTI241646 Pt 2” Skt
KTI241666 Pt 2-1/16” Skt
KTI241686 Pt 2-1/8” Skt
KTI241706 Pt 2-3/16” Skt
KTI241726 Pt 2-1/4” Skt
KTI241766 Pt 2-3/8” Skt
KTI24500Universal Joint

  • Manufactured by: K Tool International
  • Toolsource #: 236502
  • Manufacturers Part #: KTI0848
  • Also Known As: KTI0848

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