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•The Double-Tooth Ratchet has double the tooth count resulting in half the arc swing •DT100 has 100 tooth mechanism •DT Ratchet gives you double the precision and more of the access you need in tighter spaces compared to a standard ratchet •SK ratchets feature a completely enclosed ratcheting mechanism which is easy to remove and replace for cleaning and rebuilding •Diamond knurled grip provides sure handling, even when oily •SuperKrome® plating results in a jewelry-like finish, providing ease of clean-up, and maximum corrosion resistance and long tool life •Made in America
  • Shipping Weight: 1.39lbs
  • Manufactured by: SK Hand Tool
  • Toolsource #: 269031
  • Manufacturers Part #: 800740
  • Also Known As: SK800740, SKT-800740

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