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0-1" Friction Micrometers .001" Accuracy

0-1\" Friction Micrometers .001\" Accuracy
The Fowler No. 52-253 series of outside micrometers
features exceptional quality and accuracy.
Distinct figures and graduations on the non-glare,
satin chrome background permit easy reading, and the
ribbed frame allows for measuring with extra ease and

Special Features:
• Hammertone blue baked enamel finish.
• Microfine graduations on satin chrome finish and carbide tipped measuring faces.
• Graduation: .001"
• Includes standard with sizes 2" and over.
• Diameter of measuring faces: .256"
• Friction or ratchet stop thimble for exact and repetitive readings.
• Flatness: .00003"
• Accuracy: .0001" for 0-1"
• Parallelism: .00005" for 0-1"
• Positive lever locking clamp ensures reliable measurement.
• Anvil & spindle hardened and precision ground with microlap finish on tips.
• All micrometers meet or exceed U.S. Federal specifications for accuracy.
• Includes a wrench and fitted case.

Fowler 52-253-001-1 0-1" Friction Micrometers .001" Accuracy

  • Manufactured by: Fred V Fowler
  • Toolsource #: 107321
  • Manufacturers Part #: 52-253-001-1
  • Also Known As: FOW-52-253-001-, FW52-253-001-1

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