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Hand Tools > Socket Bit Drivers > 3/8 In Drive > Torx > Individual > USA TORX & HEX BIT DISPLAY BOA


Features and Benefits
  • Well merchandised
  • Hang tag bar coded labels
  • 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Drive Torx and Hex bit in metric and SAE sizes
  • Less space used, with more coverage
  • New products displayed on board
43 piece USA Torx and Hex Bit Display Board includes 1 each of the following:

KTI21500 12 piece Master Tamper Proof Torx Set
KTI21610 1/4" drive Torx bit T-10 USA
KTI21615 1/4" drive Torx bit T-15 USA
KTI21620 1/4" drive Torx bit T-20 USA
KTI21625 1/4" drive Torx bit T-25 USA
KTI21627 1/4" drive Torx bit T-27 USA
KTI21630 1/4" drive Torx bit T-30 USA
KTI22601 12 piece Torx bit set T10-T60 USA
KTI22640 3/8" drive Torx bit T-40 USA
KTI22645 3/8" drive Torx bit T-45 USA
KTI22647 3/8" drive Torx bit T-47 USA
KTI22650 3/8" drive Torx bit T-50 USA
KTI22655 3/8" drive Torx bit T-55 USA
KTI22660 1/2" drive Torx bit T-60 USA
KTI22670 1/2"  drive Torx bit T-70 USA
KTI22671 external torq socket set
KTI22675 external torq E-5 1/4" drive
KTI22676 external torq E-6 1/4" drive
KTI22677 external torq E-7 1/4" drive
KTI22678 external torq E-8 1/4" drive
KTI22680 external torq E-10 3/8" drive
KTI22682 external torq E-12 3/8" drive
KTI22684 external torq E-14 3/8" drive
KTI22686 external torq E-16 3/8" drive
KTI22688 external torq E-18 3/8" drive
KTI22689 external torq E-20 3/8" drive
KTI22904 hex bit 1/8"
KTI22905 hex bit 5/32"
KTI22906 hex bit 3/16"
KTI22907 hex bit 7/32"
KTI22908 hex bit 1/4"
KTI22910 hex bit 5/16"
KTI22912 hex bit 3/8"
KTI22970 7 piece 3/8" drive hex bit SAE set
KTI27903 metric hex bit 3mm
KTI27904 metric hex bit 4mm
  • Shipping Weight: 9.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: K Tool International
  • Toolsource #: 153355
  • Manufacturers Part #: KTI0811
  • Also Known As: KTI0811

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