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Deluxe Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester

Deluxe Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester

Deluxe Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester

  • The professional heavy duty tester is a must have tool for every mechanic.
  • It makes diagnosing a wide variety of problems easy.
  • Comes complete w/ 2 Ft of high quality hose, plus 3 fittings to test all Domestic and Imported cars & trucks w/ gasoline engines.
  • Large 3 1/2" four color easy to read gauge w/ hook for versatility. Range on dials is 0-28 inches/0-70cm vacuum and 0-10 PSI/0-.7kg/cm.
  • Instuctions & specifications included.

Will diagnose:

  • Fuel pump pressure and all vacuum operated devices.
  • Emission control devices.
  • Leaky, burnt or sticky valves.
  • Clogged muffler.
  • Locate leaks in gas line.
  • Valve timing, worn rings, spark plug missing, heating & air conditioning controls.
  • Automatic door locking mechanism.
  • Windshield wipers and power brakes.
  • Restricted exhaust systems.
  • Turbo testing, incorrect timing and leaky intake manifold.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: Star Products
  • Toolsource #: 55241
  • Manufacturers Part #: TU1P
  • Also Known As: HOF-TU-1P, STATU1P

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