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Measurement Tools and Inspection > Feeler Blades > Blade Type Feeler Gauge - .022 In to .025

Blade Type Feeler Gauge - .022 In to .025 In

Blade Type Feeler Gauge - .022 In to .025 In
Blade Type Feeler Gauge - .022 In to .025 In
  • Precision blades ensure accurate measurements.
  • Blades from .002" to .025" (.051mm to .635mm) thickness.
  • Approximately 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" long.
  • Skin packed.
  • Shipping weight 4 oz.

    • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
    • Manufactured by: Lisle
    • Toolsource #: 67283
    • Manufacturers Part #: 67950
    • Also Known As: LI67950, LIS-67950, LIS67950, LS67950

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