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Fraction+ Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper (3")

Fraction+ Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper (3\")
Fraction+ Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper (3")  1433

Our Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper brings you three universal systems of measurement, making it an equally practical choice for both professional and do-it-yourself projects. The high-contrast digital display easily switches between inches, millimeters and fractions, with guaranteed accuracy to 0.001”. In addition, the lightweight, non-marring carbon fiber construction delivers accurate readings of inside, outside and step measurements. This 3" caliper fits conveniently into your pocket for working in the field.

• 3” Carbon Fiber Caliper.
• Lightweight, non-marring construction.
• Tri-Mode digital display – inches, millimeters, and fractions.
• For making inside, outside and step measurements.
• Range 0-3" (0-76mm)
• Resolution 0.0005” (0.01mm or 1/64").
• Accuracy 0.005” (+/- 0.1mm).
• Auto off feature preserves battery life.
• Compact, pocket-sized design.
• Bar scale is graduated in inches and millimeters.
• Free-wheeling friction roller advances and retracts slide.
• Replacement Battery - SR54 or LR54

General Tools & Instruments 1433 Fraction+ Carbon Fiber Digital Fractional Caliper (3")  
  • Manufactured by: General Tools & Instruments
  • Toolsource #: 120303
  • Manufacturers Part #: 1433
  • Also Known As: GN1433

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