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KRESTO 2000ml Softbottle for SVP or SVP Ultra Dispenser - 1 Bott

KRESTO 2000ml Softbottle for SVP or SVP Ultra Dispenser - 1 Bott

Kresto(R) is an extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt. Contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, a safe solvent and the patented ingredient EUCOR NOL, which improves skin compatibility.

KRESTO(R) is a slightly acidic alkali-free hand cleaner which contains a biodegradable walnut shell scrubber and a safe solvent. It cleans extremely well in cases of intensely stubborn industrial dirt (e.g. grease, oil, soot, metal dust, lacquers, adhesives, etc.) that cannot be removed at all by products that are free of scrubbers and solvents.

Because skin is slightly acidic, KRESTO(R) has been formulated with a PH level that mirrors the skin's natural mantle to help keep skin healthy.

Its natural scrubber is made from walnut shell powder which is a renewable natural resource. As such, it does not strain the environment by depleting timber supplies (as in the case of wood flours) or oil resources (as in the case of plastic scrubber.) additionally, it is completely biodegradable.

KRESTO(R) has been tested and proven not to clog drains or pipes. It is easily rinsed away and is not prone to swelling.


  • Rub small amount of KRESTO(R) thoroughly onto dry hands.
  • Add a little water and continue washing.
  • Rinse with plenty of water and dry thoroughly.

Stockausen 87045 KRESTO 2000ml Softbottle for SVP or SVP Ultra Dispenser - 1 Bottle

  • Manufactured by: Stockhausen
  • Toolsource #: 89139
  • Manufacturers Part #: 87045
  • Also Known As: SHN-87045, SN87045

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