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GearWrench Serpentine Belt Tool Kit KDT3680

GearWrench Serpentine Belt Tool Kit KDT3680
  • Same extensive coverage as the KD 3414, but with the convenience of GearWrench Technology.
  • 100% coverage of all vehicles including the 3/4 Volvo.
  • Easy access with both crows foot and socket sizes.
  • GearWrench provides exceptional access and ease of use.
  • Stores in Blow Molded case.
  • Tool can only be used with KDT special slim line sockets, included.


  • 3680-71 Long Bar
  • 3680-72 GearWrench(R) Special Ratcheting Wrench
  • 3680-73 3/8" Adapter
  • 3680-74 1/2" Adapter
  • 3680-75 3/4" Adapter
  • 3680-85 6 Pt. 13 mm Socket
  • 3680-76 6 Pt. 14 mm Socket
  • 3680-77 6 Pt. 15 mm Socket
  • 3680-78 6 Pt. 16 mm Socket
  • 3680-79 6 Pt. 17 mm Socket
  • 3680-80 6 Pt. 18 mm Socket
  • 3680-84 6 Pt. 19 mm Socket
  • 3680-81 13 mm Crowfoot
  • 3680-82 14 mm Crowfoot
  • 3680-83 15 mm Crowfoot

GearWrench 3680 Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: GearWrench
  • Toolsource #: 91924
  • Manufacturers Part #: 3680
  • Also Known As: GWR3680D, KD3680, KDT-3680, KDT3680

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