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Universal Bearing Race Puller

Universal Bearing Race Puller
Universal bearing ring puller with a revolutionary gripping principal. Three leg puller with ultra-sharp edges providing equal gripping power on each side - avoiding any tilt. The easily adjustable clamping chain offers ideal grip and optimal efficiency. Fits all kinds of bearings, sleeves and races between 40mm and 60mm diameter. Ships in a sturdy plastic case for storage and transport. The perfect choice for hub races, transmission bearings, differential bearings and shims.

Cut-off wheels can cause damage to adjacent components and always pose a safety risk from flying debris. Here is a specialty service solution you can be confident in! The OTC 6618 Universal Bearing Race Puller combines a unique design with rugged construction - backed by a lifetime warranty. Great for stubborn transmission bearings, hub races, differential bearings and shims and all kinds of bearings/sleeves between 40 and 60mm dia.
  • Rugged puller built for many races, sleeves and bearings between 40mm and 60mm
  • Jaws designed with sharp edges for secure grip - even where vertical clearance is negligible
  • Jaws have radius for better attachment to round parts
  • Firm grip based on the adjustable clamping chainPulller design avoids tilting
  • Ships in Sturdy Plastic Case
OTC Tools 6618 Universal Bearing Race Puller
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs
  • Manufactured by: OTC Tools and Equipment
  • Toolsource #: 150170
  • Manufacturers Part #: 6618
  • Also Known As: OT6618, OTC-6618, OTC6618

This product has been discontinued

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