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Battery Diagnostics & Charging > Battery Service Tools > 7-1/2" Battery Terminal Spreader and Ream

7-1/2" Battery Terminal Spreader and Reamer

7-1/2\" Battery Terminal Spreader and Reamer

J319 - 7-1/2" Battery Terminal Spreader and Reamer

Features and Benefits
  • Battery terminal spreader and reamer
  • Weight: .55 lbs.
Product Details  
Length 7-1/2"
Weight 0.55 lbs


  • Use safety goggles, serious eye injury is possible
  • Do not use pliers with cushion grips on electrical circuits, there is no insulation
  • Do not use extender cheater bars on plier handles
  • Shield yourself and bystanders when using retaining ring pliers, flying objects possible
  • Instructions: Cut wire back in jaws, not at tip, prevent exposure to excessive heat

Stanley Proto Industrial Tools PO J319 - 7-1/2" Battery Terminal Spreader and Reamer POJ319

  • Shipping Weight: 0.55lbs
  • Manufactured by: Stanley Proto Industrial Tools
  • Toolsource #: 108615
  • Manufacturers Part #: 319
  • Also Known As: PO319, PRO319

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