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Steering Wheel Level

Steering Wheel Level
This is a must for a Wheel Alignment Technician!
  • The WA0948 Steering Wheel Level is used to assure a level steering wheel during front end toe check and any front end alignment procedure.
  • For positive centering of the steering wheel use WA0938, Steering Wheel Holder to hold steering wheel in level position. (see WA0938).
  • The steering wheel level is spring loaded and adjustable to different diameter steering wheels.
  • For large wheels move knob opposite to the spring loaded knob to outside hole by unscrewing stud as picture shows above.
Wheel-A-Matic WA0948 Steering Wheel Level
  • Manufactured by: Wheel-A-Matic
  • Toolsource #: 121401
  • Manufacturers Part #: WA0948
  • Also Known As: WMWA0948

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