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Automotive Diagnostics > TPMS tools > TS508 TPMS TOOL &8 MX SE


o TS508K is packaged as kit with 8 Autel MX Sensors to offer a perfect solution for quick TPMS repair. o QUICK MODE: o Activate & Relearn All Known Sensors o Read Sensor ID, Temperature & Pressure o Read Battery Power Level Condition o ADVANCED MODE: o Same TPMS Features as Quick Mode o TPMS Status Screen - View System Faults o Read & Clear DTCs from ECU o Sensor Position Relearn o SENSOR PROGRAMMING OPTIONS: o Copy by Activation o Copy by Manual Input o Auto Create 1-16 Sensors o SENSOR PROGRAMMING OPTIONS: o Same 3 Methods as Quick Mode PLUS o Copy by OBD o KIT INCLUDED SENSORS: Four Rubber Valve 315MHz Frequency / Four Rubber Valve 433MHz Frequency o OPERATING TEMP: ?0 C to 50° (32° to 122°) o STORAGE TEMP -20 to 70° (4 to 158°) o HOUSING Strong plastic housing with protective rubber boot o DIMENSIONS: 215 mm (8.46'1 x 105 mm (4.13'1 x 37 mm (1.46") o NET WEIGHT: 0.39 kg (0.86 lb)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.85lbs
  • Manufactured by:
  • Toolsource #: 243744
  • Manufacturers Part #: TS508K
  • Also Known As: AUL-TS508K, AULTS508K, AUTS508K

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