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Programming Interface Moduel (PIM) for 71990

Programming Interface Moduel (PIM) for 71990

The Programming Interface Module (PIM) provides the critical link for updates to your KTIp.s.t.(C) (Model KTI-71990) Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) tool. One cable connects to a USB port on your computer and the other to a mini USB located within the battery compartment of your TPM tool.

Vehicle manufacturers periodically introduce new "protocols" or electronic instructions that are required to trigger specific TPM sensors installed on their vehicle. When the vehicle is motionless, these sensors enter a "sleep state" so that battery life may be preserved. To wake up or "trigger" the sensors, a specific protocol is required to excite the sensor and instruct it to transmit available information such as a sensor ID number, pressure, temperature, battery life, etc. Each vehicle manufacturer may have one or more sensor protocols to service their available models. The patented universal KTIp.s.t.(C) tool is designed to be able to trigger all sensor types including continuous wave, modulated pulse, and magnetic formats.(1) The vehicle manufacturers are constantly adding electronic protocols that are required to service vehicles. The PIM is a required accessory which allows you to download this information to your TPM tool.

Each PIM is shipped with a software license good for one TPM tool (properly registered) for one year from the date that you sign onto the website.(2) When you logon, if your tool already has the most current version of software, your license period will not begin. In fact, your license period will not begin until you logon and a newer version of software is downloaded to your tool so there is no reason to delay the investment in your PIM. Finally, if you have multiple tools in your shop, you will not need to purchase multiple PIM's, just the additional licenses. For example, if you have five tools you would only need to purchase one PIM and four additional licenses.

Everyone with a KTIp.s.t.(C) tool (Model KTI-71990) needs a PIM in order to stay as current as possible with the latest sensor protocols.(1) To purchase your PIM, either contact the distributor where you purchased your KTIp.s.t.(C) tool or go to our website at for a list of distributors that can serve your needs.

  • Shipping Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Manufactured by: K Tool International
  • Toolsource #: 102614
  • Manufacturers Part #: 71991
  • Also Known As: KTI71991

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