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Tire Tools, Wheels & Suspension > Tire Changers > Manual Tire Changer T600 - Bench / Rim Clamp Mount - 4 In to

Manual Tire Changer T600 - Bench / Rim Clamp Mount - 4 In to 12

Manual Tire Changer T600 - Bench / Rim Clamp Mount - 4 In to 12
  • Mounts and demounts a full range of tires on rim diameters from 4 to 12 inches.
  • Mounts easily to a bench or in any standard, four-position rim-clamp tire changer.
  • A built-in, three fin centering device mounts standard lug-type rims with 2" and larger center hole.
  • Square base prevents turning in the changer during use.
  • Includes a Ken-Tool exclusive, 22" Tire SnakeTM mount/demount tire tool.
  • Height: 16.5".
  • Weight: 21.7 lbs.
Ken-Tool 38600 Bench/Rim Clamp Mount Manual Tire Changer
  • Shipping Weight: 21.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: Ken-Tool
  • Toolsource #: 69256
  • Manufacturers Part #: 38600
  • Also Known As: KEN-38600, KEN38600, KT38600, KTL-38600

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