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Paint & Body > Supplies > ULTRA PREP The Tack Cloth 10/B

ULTRA PREP The Tack Cloth 10/Box

ULTRA PREP The Tack Cloth 10/Box
ULTRA PREP The Tack Cloth 10/Box   020008G

Product Features
Synthetic hydro-entangled fibers are locked together for a superior, durable and tear resistant
Apertured to pick up and hold particulates
Universal Tack: designed for Waterborne, compatible with all paints
Completely removes surface particulates without leaving harmful residue
Wax and silicone-free

Gerson 020008G ULTRA PREP The Tack Cloth 10/Box   
  • Manufactured by: Gerson
  • Toolsource #: 139874
  • Manufacturers Part #: 020008G
  • Also Known As: GE020008G

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