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Grip & Paint Pliers

Grip & Paint Pliers
Grip & Paint Pliers   35661

Grip ‘N Paint Pliers are specifically designed to fit into the two top slots of the Paint ‘N Stick with its molded guide and mounting screw will securely hold the clamp and components both vertically and horizontally. Powerful magnets included with the Paint ‘N Stick allows the technician to attach painted parts and traditional mirror assemblies to the wall of booth or hang it up for drying.

Labor/Material Savings: Saves up to 10 minutes of set-up time by eliminating the need to find creative ways to hold mirrors, covers and trim parts during the paint and drying operations improving quality of work

Steck Manufacturing 35661 Grip & Paint Pliers   
  • Manufactured by: Steck Manufacturing
  • Toolsource #: 130443
  • Manufacturers Part #: 35661
  • Also Known As: SM35661, SS35661, STC35661, STK-35661

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