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Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump

Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump

  • Lincoln's time-tested, 2-1/2", 50:1, air-operated, double-acting grease pump ensures dependable, high-output grease delivery.
  • Developed for light and heavy vehicles, the heavy-duty, double-acting Model 6917 Air-operated Portable Grease Pump from Lincoln delivers the same volume and pressure as more expensive pumps.
  • The package includes a grease control valve and universal swivel to improve access to hard-to-reach fittings.
  • The Model 6917's four-wheel band dolly maneuvers easily around the shop.
  • A standard metal follower plate with a flexible wiper edge cleans the 120-pound drum and helps prime the pump for efficient use of available grease.

    • Ratio: 50:1
    • Maximum Pressure: 7500 psi (517 bar)
    • Output/Min Free Delivery: 80 cubic in (1311 cubic cm)
    • Base: 84192 Band Dolly
    • Grease Hose: 75084 7 Ft. Heavy Duty
    • Control Valve: 740 Heavy Duty
    • Swivel: 81387 Heavy Duty
    • Follower: 274327 Standard Follower
    • Longer Grease Hose, Hose Reel
    Lincoln 6917 Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump

    • Shipping Weight: 37lbs
    • Manufactured by: Lincoln Industrial
    • Toolsource #: 105354
    • Manufacturers Part #: 6917
    • Also Known As: LIN6917, LN6917, LNI-6917

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