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  • Analog Multimeter - 17 Ranges
    Analog Multimeter - 17 Ranges
    Manufacturers Part #: M75A
    Your Price: $57.27
    Analog Multimeter - 17 Ranges 17 Ranges. 1000 Volts AC and DC. Resistance to 50 kilohms. DC millivolt scale allows use of adapters. Color-coded and mirrored scale plate. Three year limited warranty. Click below for related products. ...
  • Automotive Digital Multimeter
    Automotive Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: ADM5201
    *this item has been discontinued
    The ADM5201 advanced handheld automotive multimeter combines all the features of a full function multimeter and integrates the functions of an O2 Sensor tester, PFI and TBI Fuel Injection tester. The ADM5201 provides a quick and accurate diagnosis of the complete O2 circuit. It is also capable of sending a Rich/Lean signal to the ECM, and displaying crossing-per-second (CC) and O2 voltage simultaneously, when secondary display shows test results...
  • Automotive Digital Multimeter - ADM4200A
    Automotive Digital Multimeter - ADM4200A
    Manufacturers Part #: ADM4201
    *this item has been discontinued
    Supersedes ADM4200A Accurate RPM measurements for 2- and 4-stroke automotive engines with 1 to 8 cylinders using the inductive pickup.MS-Pulse Width function to test on-time of both PFI type and TBI type fuel injectors. Duty Cycle and direct DWELL reading. 4 steps adjustable triggers on 1 to 8 cylinders. Temperature measurement up to 2,498? F or 1,370? C. UEI ADM4201 Automotive Digital Multimeter ...
  • Cable Length Meter
    Cable Length Meter
    Manufacturers Part #: CLM100B
    Your Price: $448.05
    The CLM100B Digital Cable Length Meter is an excellent tool to measure spooled cable/wire. This best seller has been upgraded with improved resolution and accuracy for reading lengths greater than 300 ft, and is able to store information for common wire types and offer six user programmable positions for custom wires. Ideal for major utility companies, electrical contractors, wholesalers, and installers where quick and accurate inventory managem...
  • Digital Clamp-On Meter
    Digital Clamp-On Meter
    Manufacturers Part #: DL389
    Your Price: $180.20
    True RMS Detachable clamp head 750V AC / 1000V DC 400A AC 2000?A AC / DC 40M? Resistance / Continuity 4000° Capacitance -40 ~ 752° Temperature (K type) Frequency / Duty Cycle uA for Flame Safeguard Non-Contact Voltage Diode MIN / MAX display Worklight Magnetic mount Dual display with backlight Test lead storage Test lead holder on clamp head Data hold Auto off Three year limited warranty Manufacturer drop-ship Supersedes DL289 UEI DL389 ...
  • Digital Multimeter DM384
    Digital Multimeter DM384
    Manufacturers Part #: DM384
    *this item has been discontinued
      The DM384 gives you advanced troubleshooting technology for tough tasks. This is a full-sized multimeter that's packed with high-end features like MIN/MAX capture for unattended measurement monitoring, capacitance for checking run/start capacitors, and frequency for quick verification of generators, inverters, and control circuit operation. The large LCD display is backlit for easy viewing at a distance. The DM384's combination of durabil...
  • G2 Phoenix Digital Clamp Meter DL379 Multimeter
    G2 Phoenix Digital Clamp Meter DL379 Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: DL379
    Your Price: $151.36
    The DL379 Pro series offers the highest combination of functions, features, and safety offered in a meter today. Combined with The Hook extended clamp head, no contractor will have to compromise their safety, efficiency, or comfort. Features: Detachable clamp head750V AC / 1000V DC400A AC2000?A AC / DC40M? Resistance / Continuity4000° Capacitance-40 ~ 752° Temperature (K type)Frequency / Duty CycleuA for Flame SafeguardNon-Contact Voltag...
  • Large Soft Case for Digital Multimeter
    Large Soft Case for Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: AC519
    Protect your digital multimeter with this large soft case. This has extra storage room for accessories. It keeps everything together and secure! Deluxe soft carrying case.Zippered case holds Digital Multimeters, clamps and accessories.Features inside pocket and carrying handle.Measures 5.5" x 10" x 2.5" Large Soft Case for Digital Multimeter ...
  • Multimeter - Analog Meter
    Multimeter - Analog Meter
    Manufacturers Part #: M1K
    Multimeter - Analog Meter Features: 14 ranges. Mirrored scale plate. Decibel measurements. Easy to use. ...