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  • Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
    Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: 480A
    Your Price: $42.94
    The #480 is the perfect tool for all types of electrical trouble shooting around the car. Just make the selection of Volts, Ohms, or Amps and the unit automatically selects the proper test range. Other features include Data Hold, continuity beeper, range select, auto power-off and 4000 count LCD display. The #480 has 10 Meg Ohm input impedance, so it is safe to use on any automotive electrical system. Unit comes with protective holster, test lead...
  • Current Probe Multimeter
    Current Probe Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: 685
    Your Price: $144.06Includes Free Shipping
    The #685 is ideal for measuring current on: parasitic drains, fuel injection systems, fuel pumps, charging systems, electric motors and more. Also measures AC/DC volts, resistance, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, diodes and continuity! This is a great tool for all types of electrical troubleshooting. Capable of measuring as low as 10 milliamps! Features: 35 Testing RangesAuto Power OffAuto-RangingData HoldContinuity BeepOverload Protection10...
  • D.V.A. / Peak Reading Multimeter
    D.V.A. / Peak Reading Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: 530
    Your Price: $54.73
    The #530 was designed in conjunction with the industry's leading outboard engine manufacturers. The #530 is used to diagnose problems in CD (capacitive discharge) ignition systems. An essential tool for the professional marine service technician. Features: Analog multimeter with peak reading capabilityFuse protected and includes a spare fuseComplete with battery and storage caseUse to diagnose defective CD ignition coils Test Ranges: DVA Volts: ...
  • Deluxe Automotive Multimeter w/ Inductive RPM, Temperature and S
    Deluxe Automotive Multimeter w/ Inductive RPM, Temperature and S
    Manufacturers Part #: 585K
    Your Price: $101.78Includes Free Shipping
    The 585 is an automotive meter that does it all! This is a professional grade tool used for diagnosing electrical, computer and engine problems on any vehicle. Among its testing capabilities are: AC/DC Volts, AC/DC Amps, Ohms, RPM, Dwell, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Temperature, Continuity and more. The #585 includes two sets of test leads, RPM inductive pick-up, temperature probe, soft zippered case and instruction manual. Features: Analog Bargraph ...
  • Digital Engine Analyzer / Multimeter
    Digital Engine Analyzer / Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: 385A
    Your Price: $58.61
    The #385A has many of the necessary features required for today's automotive diagnostics. Use frequency readings to test crankshaft and camshaft sensors, for example. The #385A comes equipped with an RPM pick-up, probe test leads, alligator clip test leads, protective holster, instructions and installed 9V battery. Inductive RPM pick-up features a five position, adjustable sensitivity switch. Features: 25 Test Ranges, 9 Test FunctionsEasy RPM re...
  • Digital Mini Multimeter
    Digital Mini Multimeter
    Manufacturers Part #: 501
    Your Price: $16.96
    Protective holster included. 16 test ranges, 6 functions. 3 ...
  • Digital Multimeter ESI380
    Digital Multimeter ESI380
    Manufacturers Part #: 380
    Your Price: $27.15
    For Automotive, Marine, Small Engine, HVAC & Industrial Technicians This digital multimeter has the compact design and the functions you need for overall convenience. Its capabilities are equal to many higher priced multimeters. Comes with test leads, protective holster, instructions and installed 9 volt battery. Features: 20 Test Ranges, 7 Test Functions10 Amp test rangeContinuity beeperFully fuse protected10 Meg/Ohm impedance Test Ranges: DC V...
  • Inductive Pickup for Multimeter 112 & 150
    Inductive Pickup for Multimeter 112 & 150
    Manufacturers Part #: 627
    Your Price: $15.22
    Inductive Pickup for Multimeter 112 & 150. Electronic Specialties 627 ...
  • Multimeter with PC Interface
    Multimeter with PC Interface
    Manufacturers Part #: 595
    Your Price: $178.73Includes Free Shipping
    MS-Pulse Width function to test the on-time of fuel injectors.RS-232 PC Interface - connect to your PC, CD/software included free of charge.Min/Max function captures the high or low readings for better diagnostic capability.Huge 2 inch high LCD display with bar graph and backlighting. Largest of any auto meter.Blow molded case included and packaged in 4 color box.Desirable fused 20 Amp test range.Auto Power-Off - saves battery life.4 step adjust...