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R-12 & R-134a Deluxe Leak Seeker Detector

R-12 & R-134a Deluxe Leak Seeker Detector

  • Features 10 sensitivity ranges, LED display, automatic calibration, low battery indicator, 18" flexible probe.
  • Includes: ear phones, case, extra sensor and 4 AA batteries.
  • Variable Sensitivity: The only portable refrigerant leak detector with 10 different sensitivity ranges for effectively locating all refrigerants, large or small. At the lowest sensitivity setting, the LS790a can detect an HFC-134a leak as small as 1/2oz. (15grams) per year. At the highest sensitivity setting, the unit can detect an HFC-134a leak as small as 1/4oz. (10grams) per year.
  • Clear: Clears the memory in the microcomputer and recalibrates to ambient.
  • Lock-Out™: Selects Lock-Out™ mode; measuring and recording the highest level detected by the Ion-Pump™. The alarm sounds a two-tone signal and the visual display flashes when the recorded high has been detected, "locking out" all background contamination.
  • Alarm Select: Selects audible alarm, visual indicator, or both.
  • Visual Indicator: 10 position moving LED display indicates varying halogen concentrations. As the concentration increases, the LED moves left to right. In the Lock-OutT mode of operation, the LED's flash only at the leak source.
  • Low Battery Indicator: The low battery LED constantly illuminates at half brightness when batteries are low.
  • 18" Flexible Probe: The metal cable probe easily twists and turns into otherwise inaccessible areas. You're in and out in less time, with no coiled cord to tangle.
  • Power Saver: Automatically switches power off after 15 minutes of use. Extends battery life.
  • Super-Sensitive Ion Pump™: No moving parts, valves or fans. Provides an extremely precise flow of air through the sensor chamber. The only field replaceable Ion-pump sensor in the industry.
CPS Products LS790B R-12 & R-134a Deluxe Leak Seeker® Detector

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: CPS Products
  • Toolsource #: 74931
  • Manufacturers Part #: LS790B
  • Also Known As: CCLS790B, CPS-LS790B, CPSLS790B, CSLS790B

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