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Hood/Tailgate Prop - Universal

Hood/Tailgate Prop - Universal
Universal Hood/Tailgate Prop
  • Fits vehicles with weak gas cylinder lifts on hoods, tailgates and trunks.
  • Securely attaches to lift rod and holds hood, trunk or tailgate in place.
  • Allows the user access under the hood or rear luggage area without the use of clumsy props or sticks that limit the working area.
  • Eliminates the chance of bumping prop rods and having hood or trunk close.
  • Can be used to change lifts on vehicles with 2 lifts holding hood/tailgate up.
  • Compact size.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum with a soft load bolt so it won`t damage cylinder rod.
  • Large knob provides for easy installation.

    • Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs
    • Manufactured by: Thexton Mfg Co
    • Toolsource #: 54412
    • Manufacturers Part #: 430
    • Also Known As: TH430, THX-430, THX430, TX430

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